Annoyed already


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I'm on Day 1(!) of SW and I'm already annoyed ... doing a green day. Had weetabix/milk for b/fast. Then an express rice (tomato & basil flavour) for lunch - thinking it would be free or maybe 1 syn max... WRONG! 5 syns! :mad: Had pasta and low fat tomato sauce for tea (3.5 syns in sauce! :mad:) Then went to have a low fat elderflower sorbet but calculated it just before I ate it - 7.5 syns! :eek: Am thinking this maybe isnt the diet for me... Seemingly, only fruit and veg is free, how dull. :cry:
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victoria sponge

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sounds like youve had the day from hell?!so you say its day 1 well your bound to have cock ups you would if it was on any slimming plan,please dont give up it is a good plan and you will get results..look at other peoples about trying the sticky section to get some recipes,and some syn values xx


i love minimins me :)
hey hun

sorry to hear ur feelin like this! did u go to a class n get the books or r u jus doin it from home?

some of my favourite no syns foods r

potato wedges
pasta n sauces
98% fat free noodles
morrisons 'diet' sausages (free on red day)

and for healthy extras i like cheese n tomato toasties :)

have a look through the diaries and stickies to find more free/low syn foods there are loads honest



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there is loads of free stuff it just takes a while to get your head round it all and work out your favourites. remember even if you haven't had a 100% SW day no doubt you still eat less calories than before so that's a step in the right direction. you will get there and work it all out. think about what you are going to eat the day before and work out syns in advance so if something is higher than you thought there is a chance to change your meal. just ask if you need any advice or ideas. take a look at the food diaries. good luck.


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sorry u have had a bad day but its only day 1 and it does take some getting your head around esp how much food u can eat. u aren't eating anoth mined how about something like this

red day

breakfast: bacon (loads of) egg (fried in fry light or scambled anything u like.) mushrooms,tomatoes

lunch: chicken salad sandwich followed by strawberries and muller ice cream (which is a fozen muller its free)

tea: beef, potatoes (hb) loads veg gravy (1) yorkshire (3)

snacks: fridge raiders (some have syns some r free) mullers, aplen light 3 syns. as much fruit as u like. thats only 7 syns used leaving u still 8 syns and a ha

or green could be

breakfast: spagetti hoops on toast(hb) with cheese (ha) on (could add a egg to)

lunch: massive jacket potato and pastasauce mix and as much salad as u like.

tea: quorn burger and chips all free one hb for cob.

snacks: rice pudding (free u can have 2 ha if u need it or u could skip cheese off break it is yum its in recipes thread) asda good for banana and almond cake 2 syns
shape yogurt (free) still leaves u 12 syns to use as u pls.

i could go on all night hun. u will get there it just takes time have a noisey in peoples food diaries look at recipes and treats stick with it hun.

the key to it though is its not a diet its a new weigh of life so don't stave yourself the more u eat the better your weightloss good luck hun


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Thanks everyone - its really good how encouraging everyone is :) Ive spent some time having a look around and have realised I'm such a fussy eater! I think the problem may be the replacements eg quorn which i just cant stand. And my consultant (who wasnt too friendly!) said i should have max 10 syns a day but have noticed people on here have upto 20 (I'm 5'4, 17stone 10lbs) Never mind... I'll stop moaning now and start writing a shopping list for tomorrow. Thanks again. x


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i'm a fussy eater hun and have always managed can be a bit hard going but planning helps. i'm forcing myself to try new things and suprise i like them.
u can have up to 15 a day but no big deal if u go over now and again.


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Sorry you had a bad day. Sw is great when you get your head round it. Some of the free stuff i love on a green day is:

Marshalls macaroni (with sw chips, and batchelors mushy peas)
All the batchelors pasta and sauce (macaroni and cheese leek n ham have 1 syn per pack, the rest is free)
Batchelors savoury rice (especially the egg fried rice)

I find it easier to make my own pasta sauce and freeze it. Just onion, garlic, herbs , tin of tomatoes, spoonful of sweetner, sometimes chilli powder. Blend until smooth and freeze into portions and it is free on both days.

Batchelors low fat noodles.

you should look out for the free branded food book, that should give you some good ideas.


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S: 17st8lb C: 17st1lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 41 Loss: 0st7lb(2.85%)
Thanks bettylollypop! I'll have a look for it... am especially looking for ideas for lunch and dinner on red days... stuffed chicken breast sounds nice :)


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Hiya hun,

The first day is always hard you will get your head around it. Don't worry it isn't a boring diet and more than just fruit and veg is free, I have had a huge curry for tea (home made) and it was delish and syn free so can be done. I don't really eat cheese or drink milk so yesterday I had chicken fillets and I put thinly sliced mozzarella on the top, got a couple of rashers of bacon removed the fat then wrapped the chicken fillets with it and stabbed cocktail sticks in to keep in place and baked for half an hour or so and they were lush as well. You will find lots of recipes and other foods that you can have. :D