Annoyed with Asda delivery


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Well as the above says, I'm definitely annoyed with them. We ordered shopping to be delivered yesterday between 7 an 9pm, by 9.20 it hadn't arrived so OH got on the phone to ask where it was. They said that the delivery truck had broken down but it is now on it's way to us. He asked for an approximate time for delivery to which they couldn't answer, just said it would be last night. By 11pm I'd given up, but OH stayed up until 2am to wait for it. Surprise surprise it didn't show up!!! He tried ringing them again probably just after 11pm, but the lines were closed.

So this morning, woke up at 7.30, he rang them again to ask where it was to which she couldn't answer, just said that the order is still being processed. We are now waiting for the delivery people to ring. If by 9.30 they haven't rang he's gonna ring them again. It's ridiculous!!! The cupboards are empty, I'm hoping it gets delivered soon. Sorry for my rant, just need to let off some steam lol
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That is absolutely ridiculous! We have nothing but trouble with them either, and their customer service is a joke!
I'd order from somewhere else but the truth is that asda IS cheaper.
You should ask for some sort of compensation if you ever get through to them.

I bet you when it eventually turns up the driver won't give a toss, they never do when it happens to us.


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I would call them and claim your delivery charge back at the very least (maybe after you have received the delivery). Oh and maybe get them to send your next delivery free as well for compensation. x


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Thanx for your replies, I'm still waiting for the delivery, my OH has just rang them again due to no contact from them. They said it should be with us by 1pm. They then have said that the NEXT delivery order will be free. Whatever makes them think I'll want to order again with them after this shambles.

I leave for work at 1pm so I'm hoping it'll be before then otherwise it'll be no lunch for me :-(


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Have you checked online to see if the order has been cancelled? I'm just thinking that they probably won't be able to give out the same order that was in the van yesterday because of quality control on the refridgerated and frozen items.

I must say when asda ballsed up for me, they cancelled my order immediately over the phone, but they were also more that willing to reschedule for asap.

I've also always found the delivery drivers more than helpful and friendly, they're not machines so I guess it's hit and miss, same as any customer service jobs!


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That is appauling customer service.

I used ASDA delivery one and never bothered again. I use Ocado now they are brilliant. If they are going to be late, they call and let you know in plenty of time. They Tescos price match loads of the branded items now too and do their own economy type range which is really good. They good value I think.


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You have my sympathies, I used Asda a couple of times and they consistantly let me down so now I just use Tesco (which are also far from perfect!)


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OMG - the same thing happened with our Tesco delivery last night. Due to be delivered between 4 and 6. I got a phone call at 5 to say the truck had broken down but they were getting another so there would be about a 90min delay. They then phoned again just before 6 to say that they were cancelling the order. I've arranged re-delivery for today so fingers crossed it actually turns up. I don't want to actually go shopping - the temptation to buy synful stuff is just too great!


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"the truck breaking down" is such a load of old tosh. This happened to me once and after some foot stamping I ended up driving to the depot at gone 11pm to collect my delivery from the back of said broken down truck which was actually broken down as the driver had had enough and jacked the job in and just walked.

Lovely. I never use home delivery services now. In fact I am getting rather fond of doing one major shop at the supermarket and then just walking to the local shop for top up shopping as opposed to getting in the car and driving to the supermarket and coming out having spent £30 when all I went in for were eggs, bread and milk!


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hi, i had asda delivery for 18 months, but for the last 6 deliveies had nothing but problems, so, switched to tesco's (october) and had no problems, and also have to say virtually no subsitute's, hope you get it sorted hun:D


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In the past i have had delivery's and not been happy, i once called and complained to the shop because i brought some BOGOF offers on yoghurts, and they only had 2 days date left - i was so annoyed, result was i got my money back but thats not the point! I know when i do shop in the actual shop i always try to find a longer date on certain things like yoghurts, milk and so on.

Hope you receive your delivery and kick some a$$!


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I was about to start using their delivery service but dont think I will bother now !!

To be fair I used to use Asda all the time and had absolutely no problem. Far preferred their substitutions than the Tesco ones.

If youre thinking of trying it, I would and see how you get on, I wouldnt be totally put off by someone elses bad experience :)


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All stores give different levels of service on their home delivery, same as how stores themselves differ. Just because some stores don't provide the level of service you'd expect doesn't mean every single store of the same name across the country will be rubbish.

As starlight says, give it a go and see how you get on.


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Jenny is right. I used Asda store delivery which came from Cardiff Bay's store and they were so terrible I stopped using them.

When an Asda opened in Bridgend I - very warily - gave them a go and they have been brilliant. Well aside from one driver accidentally reversing onto my front lawn but then I do have an oddly shaped drive. :D


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Just to update, the food got delivered at around 3pm yesterday, I was in work so my OH took the delivery. Iv never had a problem ordering from them before, I've used both Tesco's and Asda for delivery, but Asda is cheaper. However my OH noticed that the best before dates on some of the items being Gammon, chicken, mince and potatoes had today's dates on them. Not sure how were gonna eat all that food by today, so he rang them back an they have offered a refund for those items. I think it'll be awhile before we try and order from them again. But as others have said, every store is different so don't let my bad experience put you off from ordering


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I have on occasion used Asda's delivery service. it is ok but I do not like the substitutions (I am rather fussy though). I am often amazed just how many substitutes thye find as when I do a shop I never have as many!

That aside, I find their customer service excellent - especially since they became part of the Walmart group.

To the original poster, try writing to Asda Customer Service Dept. rather than a call. This will often result in a better service.

As a result of my experiences, I no longer rely on delivery services as I like to shop apart from anything else, but like to know exactly what I'm buying and avoid little surprises.


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I've used Asda delivery a couple of times but although I had ticked the no substitutions boxes on some items they'd still been substituted! I noticed immediately and told the driver to took them back and credited me for them. When I emptied all the bags I found a couple of items were missing completely and phoned to complain. The woman on the phone was really apologetic and refunded the cost immediately and offered free delivery next time.

I used the free delivery the next time and everything was fine so even from the same shop things can be very different.