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Another 1 day at a time challenge

Well, i've not been about for a bit, having fallen off the wagon, i just couldn't get myself up on it again. I've put a couple of pounds on over the summer which is ok as i really really was not trying.
I'm off on holiday in October so this is the final push to get rid of that last stone and a bit.
I found the 1 day at a time challenge really helpful last time I did it as i struggle every day.
Any and all are welcome to join me and i always appreciate any support.
I see there are loads of new names on the forum so looking forward to chatting to you all.
Im off to a gym class in a few mins which is something i haven't done for years (what with childcare and laziness in tow!), last week was my first one and i thoroughly enjoyed it and hopefully my old bones won't feel quite so sore tomorrow!
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getting slimmer
i'm not in the zone at the mo, cant seem to get back on track.
maybe another one of these will help??
i wonder if a mixture of cd and healthy eating will work??
what do you reckon guys?? x
I have a friend just started CD and she is having 3 products and a meal at tea time - tuna, chicken, cottage cheese etc with salad. She has lost a stone in a fortnight. Hope i'm not hoping for too much but as i haven't tried for ages i'm trying for a good loss on Monday. Trying to get myself thinking this is a brand new start and pretending i havent done this before!!
Feeling very positive today. :party0038: Just back from the keep fit class, which was hard work but really enjoyable. I'm really hungry so i've got a tin of diet pepsi:party0027: to fill me up before my last couple of glasses of water for the day. No doubt i'll be up through the night!
Your freind did really well in 2 weeks, its good to know, i shall stick with ss for the moment. Day 2 for me, alls going well so far, feel happy day 1 is out the way. hope everyone else is ok.


getting slimmer
glad to see evryones doing well.
i started again today, had half a bar, and water so far, as well as a spoon full of baked beans, and a 1/4 slice of toast, so not really started at all!!
gonna hopefully be good for the rest of the day.
get weighed on fri, so dont know if i'll have a loss this week,but set me up well for the week after.

i've decided to ss+ except when i dont, if that makes sense???

got other halfs dad and sister and niece coming for dinner tomoz, so gonna join in with that, but still have my 3 cd.

want to shift this last stone, but finding it so hard and anti soacil now.
i have found that my difficult days are Saturday, and Monday, we usually go out on Sat night i dont drink so alcohol no problem i enjoy a chicken breast and salad then Monday is my long day at work 10hours and i like my last shake warm, so save that to home time, so i tend to have a small bowl of chick and salad still losing so its just trial and error x


A pound at a time
I need to be here for this. I have been nibbling at the odd bits of chicken here and there and can't seem to stop. It started with tasting the food I cook for the family. Soon a taste turned into a bite. So I need to stop this now before I start eating more than that. So here I am for the one day at a time challenge. I have not nibbled today so far.


Back on the wagon
Ooh can I join in. Today was my first day on 790. Was going well till I found some chocolate in my drawer! Well, that has gone now (oops) so sticking to it the rest of the day/week.
Hope you'll have me
Hi, glad we've got some new faces. I'm just in from work and had a tetra but of course i'm standing in front of the fridge again so i've nibbled some ham. I had a soup at lunch and plenty of water. I think i need to be here lots!
My OH has gone fishing and then straight to nightshift so its gonna be a long night and unfortunately, cleaning out cupboards, washing floors and hoovering are a poor substitute.
I got on the wii fit again last night which was first time in ages so i'll try for a good half to 3/4 hour later on. I'm now feeling so annoyed with myself for nibbling that ham i so need to do it all or nothing.
To kippaxmum, i'm aiming for 10 stone too as its been a long time for me and i think i would be very comfortable at that weight (its just the maintaining) so i've got 1 stone and 6 lbs to lose. Holiday in 5 weeks but i know i wont get all that off but if i can stick to it i could get a big bit of that away.
We also have a wedding at end of November and there will be loads of young people there. I was in Debenhams a couple of weeks ago drooling over the strapless dresses etc wishing i could do it but hey you never know.....
Best wishes all.


Back on the wagon
Hi fat2thin,

you can do it! get on that Wii fit & do what you have to! I find that my day for struggling is a Sunday believe it or not. I get back from Wi, put my little boy to bed for an hour then think to myself, what can I do that won't disturb him. I tend to get bored surfing the net & cant just sit. I iron in my bedroom thats next to his. Perhaps I ought to get some wellies & go in the garden!
Had a great day until i had a coffee about 4. 6 bourbon biscuits later and disgusted with myself. I've since had a healthy lettuce, ham and cucumber salad but also 2 digestives with homemade pate. Why oh why?
I see tonight there is a couple of people bowing out and i so think i should be too. Tomorrow is another day, and i'll try again.
Hope everyone has had a good day.


getting slimmer
good to see so many people having a go at the one day at a time.
ive had a bad day today, started well with a healthy lettuce, cucmber amd tuna salad, and tonight had roast pots, carrotts broc and homemade chicken supreme, with 3/4 glasses of wine.
thinking of giving up, got another thred on here, pleased with mty results, but gonna cd when i can, and not when i cant if that makes sense??!!!

still gonna be posting on here though if thats ok?? xxxx


getting slimmer
hi all.
been really bad now, woke up at 2 am and stuffed myelf with biscuits and choc cake! WHY??!!
gonna be good today though, i hope, i'll let you know, if thats ok?????
good luck with the day guys, you can do it!!! be srtong, step away from the fridge!!! x


getting slimmer
good luck today anisah.
i've been good, had a few bites of bar, and had some cottage cheese and cucmber with loads of pepper for lunch, gonna have half a shake now too, and hat should keep me going till my soup and dinner.
ive got to keep busy!! x


getting slimmer
had a small meal with the family, and no soup, just had a few oven chips, mushrooms, tiny bit of gammon, peas and sweetcorn.
and a bite of choc cake my son and i made earlier.
got 1/2 of a bar and 1/2 a shake for tonight.
hope i can keep it as that!!
hope everybodys been better than me today.
enjoy your evening, xxx
Maria, so glad you're still here. You and i need our heads banging together!!
Felt quite liberated this morning as i decided, that is it, i cant do it anymore. I will get better results by eating homemade veg soup, healthy salad, veggies etc instead of the cd soup at lunch and grazing on rubbish as soon as i get in.
But......there is just something about CD that gets into my system and i dont want to let go completely so i had my cd soup at lunch. Went food shopping as fridge was deserted and i've had fruit and a wee ham salad. I'm sitting here with my glass of wine and i'm not going to get myself in a tizz about it.
So, somehow, me and CD are going to have to find a way to work together. I still want to lose weight but i'm wearing a size 12 comfortably so i am just going to chip away at the remaining lbs slowly by watching what i eat.
Last bit, I will def be on here because for me taking one day at a time is the way to go.
Wishing you all well and look forward to chatting.


getting slimmer
well, i only had the last half a bar and no soup...so??

when i read your i feel like ive writtien it f2tf40!!

i think being sensible and using cd, not eating loads of calories the weight will come off, just slower!!
trouble is, like you, i like a drink!

i was really determined today, but that dinner looked good!

going for an hour of badminton sat pm for an hour so that'll burn what ever i eat off!!

gonna be as good as i can tomoz. one day at a time!!


getting slimmer
all quiet here, is that because everyones doing fantastic??
hope so, i'm not really on at all at the mo.
going to an areobics class tonight, and got a MAJOR hangover, so gotta keep my strenth up today!!
hope every bodys cool xx

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