Another 2lbs gone!!

Discussion in 'General Weight Loss Discussion' started by Hezz123, 23 August 2008 Social URL.

  1. Hezz123

    Hezz123 Full Member

    Yaaay another 2lbs gone this week. Wish it would come off faster but im happy with the diet im following, and im never too hungry so will stick with it. Got an 18th to go to tonight, any tips to keeo me away from the cake?? :confused:
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  3. Mixxi

    Mixxi Full Member

    Well done! :)
    And 2lbs a week is a very healthy rate to lose weight and it's more likely that you'll keep it off if you lose it at a healthy steady pace. So you should be very pleased :D

    And about the cake depending on what diet you're on you could maybe put yourself back some points/calories/syns so you could have a little bit? If you're on a diet where you can't eat though then just think of how strong you'll feel turning down a food you might not have been able to resist before.
  4. Hezz123

    Hezz123 Full Member

    im not on any specific diet, just doingmy own thing. so the way i usually work it is, if i do have something bad, then i'll just eat completely healthy stuff the next day, like fruit and salads,so maybe i can have a wee bit of cake??? and wine!:)
  5. Rela

    Rela Wannabe Lean!!!

    2lb is a nice healthy loss well done :) if you feel strong enough to have just a tiny bit of cake and a bit of wine then go for it, i'm the other way and if I let one bite pass my lips thats it I need to eat a whole cake LOL. Have fun!
  6. Hezz123

    Hezz123 Full Member

    lol im usually the same, but as most people know im on a diet, i like to prove to them that i CAN resist it lol xx
  7. Hezz123

    Hezz123 Full Member

    and ANOTHER 2lbs gone this week yaaaaaay!!! this feels goooooood!! xx
  8. wheels

    wheels Full Member

    Oh yay! Today is sooooooo a better day right? x
  9. Hezz123

    Hezz123 Full Member

    yeah today is FAB!! xxx:D:D:D

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