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  1. emmalouise82

    emmalouise82 Well-Known Member

    I've been a nightmare on and off diets this year and last. I tried weight watchers last year after I'd had my son but didn't get very far. I did it before I got pregnant with him and lost nearly 2 stone. So now I'm in a better frame of mind and he isn't giving me sleepless nights I thought I'd give it another go!
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  3. emmalouise82

    emmalouise82 Well-Known Member

    I'm Emma, 30 years,

    My starting weight is 13st 11lbs

    My daily points allowance is 32 (+49 weeklies)

    I started yesterday so my weigh in day will be Monday.

    Yesterday's diary to follow:
  4. emmalouise82

    emmalouise82 Well-Known Member


    Oats so simple, Milk and a banana - 5


    Spicy tomato and lentil soup - 1
    Piri piri houmous on crackerbreads - 9


    Chicken and veg stir fry with noodles - 11


    Apple, melon, satsuma - 0
    Strawberry yogurt - 2
    Sultanas - 2
    2 crackerbreads with sweet chilli philli - 2

    Total 32/32
  5. emmalouise82

    emmalouise82 Well-Known Member

    Today's diary.

    Beans on toast - 5
    Milk - 1

    Homemade vegetable soup - 0
    2 toast with 2 light cheese triangles - 5

    Homemade chicken tandori breast in pitta with roasted vegetables and salad - 9

    Banana - 0
    Cherry yogurt - 2
    2 crackerbreads with sweet chilli philli - 2
    Quavers - 2
    Hot chocolate - 3

    Total 29/32

    Happy days :0)

    Will have to really stop myself peeking at the scales tomorrow morning! I get obsessed lol
    Last time I went a week without weighing in I lost 3lb so I must stay away from the scales!
  6. Lou*

    Lou* Well-Known Member

    Subscribed ans your meals blooming lush hun xxx

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  7. emmalouise82

    emmalouise82 Well-Known Member

    Tea was yummy. Dunno why I can't stick to a diet when I can eat nice meals! X
  8. Lou*

    Lou* Well-Known Member

    I'm the same! I don't stop eating even when full tis my biggest downfall!

    How old is your little en? I have a 4 year old x

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  9. teacheronww

    teacheronww Well-Known Member

    Following :)
  10. teacheronww

    teacheronww Well-Known Member

    I'm a Monday weigher too :)
  11. emmalouise82

    emmalouise82 Well-Known Member

    Yay I have a photo now :0)
  12. emmalouise82

    emmalouise82 Well-Known Member

    I don't think I have that off switch in my brain that tells me I'm full lol
    I have a girl 12 years and a boy 20 months, big gap eh! x
    Do you have a boy or girl? I bet him/her is looking forward to christmas this year, thats gotta be a magical age to be at christmas! x
  13. emmalouise82

    emmalouise82 Well-Known Member

    Thats good. It's good to have someone to share the same day with. I'm still starting out on this site so it won't let me do everything, I don't know if thats a good thing or a bad thing because while I'm sitting on my bum typing to get my posts up I'm not moving my wobbly body lol
    Gonna have a nosey at your diary now and follow :0) x
  14. Lou*

    Lou* Well-Known Member

    Ah a nice age gap tho, She can help you out just charge a fortune in babysitting !

    Mine is a boy, called jack he is 4 just started school and my only 1 :-( , He has santa lists all over the house !! he's very cheeky lol

  15. emmalouise82

    emmalouise82 Well-Known Member

    Aww cute. I love Christmas, It's great to be doing it all over again. I now have one non believer and one that doesn't even know who the man in the red suit is lol
  16. Lou*

    Lou* Well-Known Member

    haha santa has alot to answer for !! lol
  17. emmalouise82

    emmalouise82 Well-Known Member

    I could murder a bottle of Pinot! Might have a few vodka and coke zero tonight :0)
  18. teacheronww

    teacheronww Well-Known Member

    Have you tried the ww wine? I know not every one is a fan but I'm quite fussy with my wines and actually quite like it :)
  19. emmalouise82

    emmalouise82 Well-Known Member

    Yeah it's ok just low alcohol so I need too much lol
    Alcohol is my downfall. I could quite happily drink a few glasses a night :0(
    My OH works funny shifts, he is off tomorrow and Friday then working at the weekend. So we will prob have a couple tonight then a few tomorrow. That's my weeklies covered lol x
  20. teacheronww

    teacheronww Well-Known Member

    Yeah I am the same. Used to drink a glass or two of wine every night with dinner. Got out of the habit after a few weeks on ww when the choice between wine or nice food started to be an issue :) won!
  21. emmalouise82

    emmalouise82 Well-Known Member

    Started on my weeklies today.....

    Porridge - 4
    Milk for tea - 1

    Veg soup - 0
    Chilli philli on toast - 6

    Bolognaise - 8
    Butternut squash chips - 1

    Apple, satsuma, melon - 0
    Blueberry yogurt - 2
    4 crackerbreads with chilli philli - 4

    3 single vodka with coke zero - 6
    Port - 3

    Total - 35

    32/32 dalies + 3 weeklies 46/49 weeklies left

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