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Another lass with PCOS

Discussion in 'PCOS' started by Drift_Avalii, 12 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Drift_Avalii

    Drift_Avalii New Member

    Hey everybody,

    I found out I have PCOS a few months ago. I was always a biggish girl but after losing 2.5st at SW for my wedding I suddenly piled it all on plus extra at an incredible rate of knots. Then the abdo pain, mood swings and the rest.

    So I'm back to SW again, but keeping away from groups as if anything it made me really uncomfortable.. and I guess I'm wondering what I should expect of myself now! Will I lose at the same rate as when I didn't have PCOS? We don't yet have the added stress of TTC, so no more investigations around fertility for a year or two - and to help that as best I can I have to lose weight.

    I don't particularly have a deadline, but I'm the most impatient person I know and I guess knowing vaguely what to expect ahead of time might help.

    Hello again and thanks for your help :)
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  3. sarah_lou1981

    sarah_lou1981 Not gonna be a fat mamma!

    I've suffered PCOS for years (but was only officially diagnosed in Sept 2011) and I put weight on at a ridiculous speed but I'm also very lucky because I lose it fast. I've lost 1st 6lbs in 8 weeks and 3st 2lbs since NYE when my little boy was born. I do Weight Watchers online. I've done SW in the past but WW suits me more and gives me a bit more flexibility, which comes in handy with a 20 week old baby!!

    I've known people with PCOS lose weight fast and others struggle to get any off. But I'd say, as you've lost weight before, it might come off the same. Like I said above, I can lose weight as soon as I set my mind to it but if I don't keep up to it I'll pile weight on as soon as I look at a cake, let alone eat one!!x

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