Another month, here I come!

Discussion in 'Orlistat (Xenical)' started by KayMarie, 14 April 2009 Social URL.

  1. KayMarie

    KayMarie Full Member

    Just been to the doctors and he is pleased with my progress and has prescribed me another month's worth so I am happy about that.

    Although, I am fully aware I could have done a lot better this month and have loosened the belt. i have gained 3 pound this bank holiday and a 3 day hangover!

    Its time to tighten it back up again and keep going! I am aiming for 10lb loss this month.

    Current weight - 258lb

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  3. Sass

    Sass Silver Member

    Good Luck with your 10lb loss this month. I just noticed our weights are very similar, both starting weight to current.

    Maybe you and i could enter some friendly challenge each month ?
  4. miss jelly tot

    miss jelly tot CWP Consultant

    Well done thats great. When I was on it full time (on and off it at the mo with CD) my doctor was so supportive. I even had a month where I put on a kg and she just said no worries it happens sometimes. Good luck with the next month :)
  5. alibalibee

    alibalibee gym bunny

    Really pleased you have a supportive doc ( they seem hard to find sometimes lol:rolleyes:) Good luck for the coming month xxx
  6. lins74

    lins74 Full Member

    Hi Kaymarie

    It's good to hear that you're feeling motivated again.

    Did you suffer from any side effects after your "binge" on the chinese meal?

  7. KayMarie

    KayMarie Full Member

    No, hardly any side effects at all, surprisingly! Which made me feel better because I can't have gone too OTT.

    I did have spaghetti bolognese the other day though at someones house MY GOD, I paid for it the next day. Seriously.

    I was just thinking anyway. 10lb probably will not be reached this month because I am goingon holiday for a week to Greece in two weeks and I am not taking my Zenichal with me, I won't binge but I won't be scrutinising every piece of food that goe sin my mouth either! LOL!
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