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Another New Starter!


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Hi All,
New starter here! Have been reading all the information for the last week or so and am feeling very excited. Have read the old book but am going to get the new one today. Are there any major differences?
I've had my breakfast - 2 bacon and 2 eggs and am feeling as though I have cheated straight away!!! I have done WW many many times and the breakfast that I had would have been over 1/3 of my daily points! I have really got to get out of that way of thinking.
One question is that I had quite a carb heavy weekend - a sort of blow out knowing what I would be doing, will that take me longer to get into ketosis? Also if it takes me a long time to get into ketosis, will I put on weight eating all this high fat food?
I remember reading something Jim put about him using very strict induction, what did that consist of? I should have written it down really!! Was it just meat and eggs?
No doubt I will be posting lots for more help!!! You all seem like a great help!
L x
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Hi L. welcome to our little forum. I'd stick with the old book personally. :)

I look forward to seeing your weight loss posts. :D


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Hi hun and welcome to the madhouse :D
From reading the posts of the people who have been doing it a while, the first book which you already have is the best one to follow anyway. The later one is a little more lenient but the results may not be as good. If you read the stickys at the top of the page, it lists all the acceptable foods on induction. A carby weekend wouldn't slow you getting into ketosis, it's usually about 2-3 days andrthen you'll get Atkkins flu where you feel **** for a whil but it does pass honest lol. Remeeber to drink loads of water as well as this increases your weight loss and is a lot more healthy for you anyway. Good luck x x :D
Welcome and good luck! Atkins is the best 'diet'/way of life there is for weight control and peace of mind.

Enjoy xx


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Hi and welcome,

Good luck with your loss xx

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