Another newbie - well it is January :)


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I everyone, I am new here and I find the forums very inspirational indeed.

I am on day 4 of Cambridge meal replacement and I think I could well eat my own leg if this hunger doesn't ease up soon.

My energy levels are high, I am excited to be on the plan to try and do something about my yoyo lifestyle..

I chose 'no food' because I am seemingly unable to control myself around food since I quit smoking. So I figured to try and treat it like ciggies for a bit to try and break the 'eat everything' mentality I have.

I hope you are all well :)
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Welcome DypsyGypsy:welcome2:

Well done on getting to day 4 ... you should be going into ketosis and hopefully you will find your hunger is greatly reduced or lucky enough that it goes away altogether.

If you are still finding you are hungry it can help to split the packs so instead of having 3 meals you have six mini meals as in some it can take longer to get into full ketosis.

But you must make each half up fresh and consume within 15 minutes as some of the vitamins are water-soluble.

Good luck with your CD journey and very well done on stopping smoking!

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If you need any help please ask:)


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Hi and welcome. Good luck with Cambridge. The first few days are the worst and then you will be sailing. Take it one day at a time.

Irene xx