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ANother one bites the dust....

And another one gone
Another one gone
ANother one bites the dust!!!

Hit it! :D

Well, today is my last day at work. It's very sad and I expect I will cry. I didn;t think I would, but I realised I actually really like some of the people I work with. Who knew!!?? ;)

Thing is, when a company folds or closes its doors as is happening to us - just our centre is being closed - you all that work together say, "Well we'll keep in touch!".....but alas, that rarely happens.

Life goes on and takes us all different directions, and the emails andtexts and meets get fewer and farther between, so really, in most cases, it is a case of "good-bye".

I hate good-byes. SO it will be an emotional day I am sure.

I am also going to miss my lunchtime walks. OUr location is very pretty with a lot of green space around. I will miss that.

But hey ho - here I go again, stepping out of one chapter, entering a new one.

Life - don't get too comfortable with it. Just when you do, it changes!!! :)

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hope its not too sad a day for you all today.
keep smiling
daisy x


Strong women stay slim
your right , people come and go in your life but the ones who really matter stay !
Hope you fall into a better Job soon !
:grouphugg: Its very sad all these places going & scary as well where's it going to end
But as one door shut another opens
Awwww, thinking of you today.

Louale x
Well. That's it then. I'm home now. Officially unemployed.

It is the first time, since 1983 that I have not had a job, with the exception of my planned leaving in order to get married and come here. Other then that, I have always had a job lined up to go to, before I left one.

It's a bit of an odd feeling.


Silver Member
I am sure you will be fine.
What is the temping market like where you are? I did that when I decided I could no longer tolerate the job I was doing I temped for a few months and so doing had the time to go to interviews etc.
Yeah, I do know I will get a job. But - I hate the whole process, and really want to exhaust all avenues to find a permanent job sooner, rather then later. I am registered with an agency, and will now become "active" but really hope for full time perm or long contract. Our financial situation is not brilliant so while temp is an option, I worry about too many spaces in between - but yeah, the time for interviewing would be good too.

If I could afford it, I would not mind permanently temping. You'd have variety, call some of the shots, etc. Maybe one day. But not today. :)

We'll see what comes my way. :)

Thanks T!

it's OK H - just a few tears. I am emotional like that. But I'm OK now.

But thats the thing - I don;t think I will stay in touch with more then about 2 or 3 people. I really did like so many people there, but all we had in common really is the job. And though we all have good intentions, and say "we'll keep in touch" - reality is - only a very small percentage do. And thats how it is meant to be. People come into your lives for all kind of reasons, and lengths of time. But it always leaves me feeling a little meloncholy.

You just wonder - what will they take away, of me? I know what I have taken of them. And while I won;t see many again, I will always have that. It's cool how we touch others lives. ANd how that lingers - sometimes forever. :)
I normally find this with former work collegues, you rarely keep in touch, in fact i have kept in tough with 3 or 4 but thats is because we became real friends outside of work and it was not about the job only relationship. If friends are to be kept as you say then they are special indeed.

But think of it this way, you will have a whole bunch of new friends at your next one :)

I think what nakes us emotional is that people who how much they appreciated you in the end even though it may not have been obvious on some occassions.

Keep your head up :)

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