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ANOTHER SW chips thread


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Mine also came out much better microwaving them first. I wouldn't think that it would make a difference.


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Well you can microwave a jacket potato syn free so im assuming microwaving potatoes is fine :)


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I also make them in my activefry - and they come out beautifully - I par boil and put them in with just a spray of fry light - not the recommended amount of oil and they come out crispy and yummy - have also done great fat free roast potatoes in it.


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Oh Vicki, thanks for that info we funnly enough were discussing that in class on Mon and nobody knew if it would work with frylight in the actifry because they did not want to use the tbsp of oil as a healthy extra or use 6syns for it so now I can go back on Monay and tell all that you have tried and tested it and the verdict is a yes.
Oh and with regards to the chips you can cook a potato any way you wish and only if you add oil ie veg, sunflower, olive oil will you have to syn that if you use frylight then they will be free if eaten with a meal and not as a snack. You can steam them first or boil or micro and it won't change anything it is still cooking the potato in a healthy way. Enjoy


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I have my microwaved fatbum chips in the oven as I type...to go with the sticky buffalo wings from the new world of flavours cookbook... The chips are so much better being softened in the microwave!!!!
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My friend has one of those Actifry things and swears by it. They're expensive though aren't they?
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Can I ask a stupid, don't use a microwave at all often question....when you put the chips in the microwave do you put them in any water or just in a microwavable bowl? and for how long? and then do you put them in the oven for about 35 mins like the boil on hte top ones?
Thanks for the info everyone. So i sometimes have SW chips on their own for dinner, would i have to syn them as they are not part of a meal??

My new found way of cooking them (using two average size potatoes).. Peel and cut into chips, place in a bowl (no water), microwave for about 6 minutes, flipping them twice in the process. Spray Fry light on a baking tray, place chips on tray, spray a little more frylight on chips, sprinkle with salt and black pepper and cook for about 30 - 35 minutes... and they are delicious!


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I always microwave my potatoes first - never boil. I use a plastic steamer thingy I got from Lakeland. I use it for everything - veggies, rice, potatoes. Best £8 I ever spent!

New potatoes are my favourites. I steam them in the mic for a few mins then make a few slashes across them. Put them on a baking tray, spray them with some olive oil frylight, sprinkle Maldon sea salt and garlic pepper over them and roast for about half an hour till crispy. They are absolutely delicious.


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Without water in the microwave...I just made some mini potatoes and sliced about 10 of them in 2 and then put them 2 mins in the microwave and then 20 mins in the oven on Gas 9 and they came out lovely :)
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Oooh, I might give this a go. I tried boiling them for 5mins and letting them cool, but when I tried to shake them round they just fell apart and went mushy :(
So just chop them up and whack them in the microwave for 2mins then frylight them and stick them in the oven?? :D


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Oooh...I love SW chips but they take so long, so microwave sounds like a good plan! Thanks! X
i got a jml halogen oven and the sw chips come out perfect in it i love the and so does my family i just add toppings to theirs as they like spicy and i dont


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I must be theonly one not microwaving them anymore. Even shaking them they come out unevenly cooked.

I have however perfected them... I peel, chop and boil for 10mins, drain and spray with frylight, place on a proper baking tray (one with airholes normal trays don't cook them evenly) and cook on 200-220 for 25mins. They come out absolutely perfect, welve had them most days this week since I got it right lol. Lovely and fluffy with just crispy outside... mmm never microwaving again!! Xx


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re cost of actifry they are expensive about £159 at lakeland but if you know someone who goes to costco they are MUCH cheaper about half.
They make the most wonderful chips and vegetable crisps etc. We use it often and love it.

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