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    I have a weight loss diary in the Slimming World forum but I've moved away from Slimming World now and onto something completely different so I think it's time for a sparkly new diary to help keep myself accountable :)

    I'm now following Paul McKenna's Hypnotic Gastric Band (HGB) programme and throwing in a load of exercise to go with it. I've been following HGB for a couple of weeks now and it's taken a bit of time (and more than a few slips!) to get into the right frame of mind for it but I think I'm there now.

    I'm supported by my OH, who has decided to go on a calorie controlled diet. This means that my calories will also be limited as I'm not going to cook 2 separate dinners every night but all the food he's going to be eating is food that I like too so I think it should go well. He's going for about 1,700 calories a day so mine should be around that too, if not a little less if I stop eating when I'm full.

    As for exercise, my OH is taking to the exercise bike for 30-60 minutes a day and I'll be doing Zumba DVDs most nights. Hopefully, the healthy, sensible eating and exercise will be my road to success! I'll be using this diary to post my progress and to admit every slip I have! If I write them down it makes me feel a little ashamed so hopefully this will help me prevent slips!

    Here we go....!
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    So today, Monday 10 February 2014...

    It's gone well so far. I had a yogurt for breakfast and then a banana and a satsuma at about 09:30 as I was hungry. That kept me going until about 13:15 when my stomach started growling so I had lunch. That was a white roll with oven cooked chicken, stuffing, light mayonnaise and a slice of gravy soaked bread. Yum! I ate just over half of that before I felt full so I've put the rest of it back in my lunch bag.

    It's 16:05 now and I'm starting to feel peckish but not enough to start eating again so I'll have a cup of coffee and some more water and that should see me through until dinner time.

    Zumba is on the plan for tonight, it's the 60 minute basics session where they teach you the moves (this is only my second attempt at Zumba so I'm following the 7 day beginners guide). Looking forward to it! There was also a fire alarm at work a few minutes ago so I had to walk down and up 12 flights of stairs! My asthma's not really thanking me for it but it certainly got my heart rate up!

    Update: Well, I did the 20 minute Zumba today and it was good, I worked up a nice sweat! Would have done the 60 minute one but I got home late from work and didn't have time. Had a jacket potato with cheese, chives and pickled onions for dinner, it was lovely! Also had a slice of bread with a couple more onions as I was still hungry and that filled me up nicely for the evening.
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  4. Anti222

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    Tuesday 11 February 2014

    Today's going well. I had a yogurt and a satsuma for breakfast and now onto lunch. Having a stuffing and lettuce sandwich, it's lovely!

    Planning on another 20 minutes of Zumba tonight and my OH wants another jacket potato for dinner so I guess I'll be having one too. That's fine though, last nights one was so lovely I don't mind having it 2 nights running!

    Update: I did have another jacket potato for dinner. It was lovely, couldn't manage it all though. Didn't do Zumba though, i was exhausted by the time I got home from work so I just had a quiet evening.

    Did have a bit of a slip yesterday though, I ate about half a bag of those Phileas Fogg crisps. I started them when I was hungry but didn't really stop soon enough after I felt full. I also ate a mini pork and pickle pie that I didn't need. Darn.
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    Wednesday 12 February 2014

    I listened to the CD again last night and had a yogurt for breakfast. I've just had my sandwich for lunch but I'm not feeling full. I've got a banana and a couple of satsumas I could have but I'm going to have some water first to see whether I am full and I'm actually thirsty.

    Planning on some Zumba tonight. I should be home a little earlier than usual today so I'll have more time to do it. Slept well last night too so I'm not tired today.

    Update - I was thirsty! Had a satsuma later in the afternoon but that saw me through until dinner. No Zumba though, thanks to the weather the bridges around the areas in which I live were closed so I got held up getting home. Had pasta and soup last night, it was lovely! Again, didn't eat it all so I've got the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Yum!
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    Thursday 13 February 2014

    Haven't eaten anything yet today. Got to work and had a cup of coffee and some water and found that I'm not really that hungry yet. I've brought a yogurt with me to have when I get hungry and I've also got some fruit to go with it. I expect I'll have that at about half 10. Lunch is last nights leftovers, looking forward to that!

    Will definitely be doing Zumba tonight, I'm close to home today so will be walking back tonight and my OH doesn't get home until about 6.15pm so I can do Zumba without being interrupted.

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