I'm now on antibiotics due to yet another chest infection!! Can anybody tell me if this affects your weight loss on SW, i know on some other diets it can. Has anybody experienced weight gain whilst on antibiotics. I get weighed on monday and this is my first week on SW, so don't want to be defeted before i have started.
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I don't think you should worry about it after you will only be on them for a short period of time so I doubt they will have any effect on your losses, even if weight gain is a possible side effect.


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I'm on antibiotics, doxycycline tablets, have been for many months, and will be for many more.

So far as I know weight loss hasn't been affected at all.


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I don't think antibiotics affect weight loss. Steroids can affect it because they increase your appetite, so you have to be careful not to eat more when you're on them.


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don't worry about it. if you do gain or maintain you'll know why - it will be your bodies way of healing so don't be too hard on yourself.... you'll just lose double next weigh-in when your body realises it's fine! ;)


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I've never heard of antibiotics affecting weight loss, but you can always double check with your doctor of your worried x