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Any advice/encouragement? Thanks!

I'm so glad to have found this forum! Have read through the threads and found them really encouraging.

I started SW (online) last summer and was really happy with my losses but then got very ill and had to stop. Finally feeling better (yay!) and have just done my first week on the plan. I've been really enjoying it and have been really good about sticking to it and have done quite a bit of walking too but I've actually gained a little bit (0.2kg) :(

Am trying not to feel too low about it, as the main thing for me is to actually eat healthily and regularly and exercise regularly to improve my mood. But I really feel like crying :(

For those those who've used food optimising on and off, have you found you get a slower start when you begin again? Could this have happened because I wasn't actually eating much before (skipping breakfast and lunch, living off chocolate etc.), so my body's still adjusting to getting more food? Or because I've increased my exercise considerably in just a week? Could it be because this is the week before my period?

As you can see, I'm clutching at straws a bit, but any advice and encouragement would be really appreciated! Thanks so much for reading this

Moose x
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Oh Moose, I'm glad you found us because this is a lovely little group of people who seem to say the right things at the right time.

I'm sorry you've been ill but glad your better and you know what, I'm gonna through my tuppence in the pot here and say 1 thing, and that thing is, DONT be too hard on yourself.

There is no reason why returning to SW should make you have any less of a weight loss, the only thing thats going to do that is unrealistic expectations in your head. You want to eat healthy and you certainly seem on the right path so give yourself a chance to get used to it again without jumping on and off the scales expecting a dramatic result.

Take your time, visit here, share your thoughts with us and we'll be with you all the way, just dont put so much pressure on yourself and I'm sure you'll see wonderful results in no time.

Take Care

L x
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Aw sweetie don't you worry! I have heard both ends of the spectrum at my class, some had large losses, some 1/2 a lb and some gained, it will catch up to you and you will lose, so don't you worry!! For some, they have consistently not eaten enough so it's a bit of a shock to the system to go on SW as well.

Just stay on here with us and you won't have any worries!!



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It's not clutching at straws at all, when you gain you need to know why or you can't rectify it in future weeks.

YES it could be because of the time of the month, you may be retaining a little water and your hormones will play a part in it too

YES it could be because you have increased your exercise, you may have gained muscle which is heavier than fat.

YES it could be because you are eating more but if you are eating the right things now you should find that you will be losing weight soon

Good luck with it, join in some of the challenges to spur you on x
Thank you so much for replying. I feel better already :)

time4action, you're definitely right! I will weigh myself less(!) and try not to be so tough on myself.

Steph, it's good to hear what happens in class. Doing the online version is a bit isolating, and it's hard to know what's normal etc.

Thanks Taz. I think I will join the exercise challenge but maybe avoid the actual weight loss challenge until I get an idea of what's realistic for me, as I don't want to set unrealistic goals and make it all worse.
Are there any other challenges I've missed? (I challenge myself to stick to the plan of course!)

Because I was ill with depression I really don't want losing or gaining a kilogram to become something that makes or breaks my day (or even week). The main thing is to get some routine and healthiness into my life.

I am definitely going to go on with it this week and see how it goes. Apart from anything else, I'm enjoying all the lovely meals too much to stop now!
I had wondered about trying more original days (noticed some people talk about losing faster) and about having fewer syns (have been having 6-12) but keep reminding myself that I want this to be a lasting lifestyle, not a quick fix, so I have to do it in a way that I will want to keep up in the long term.

Thank you so much again! I'm really grateful.


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st8lb(31.2%)
Very wise, you know your limits. You will do well whether you join the challenges or not. It is better if you can get to a class though as it helps to keep you more focussed

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Hiya Moose, In the week before my TOTM i put on a lb i was flabbergasted, because i had been so good, i wanted to throw my sw books and me out the window lol. Nice to see you are a bit more positive after the advice from, Taz, Steph and Time4 arent they just great? all the best Jax
Hey i always gain when i have a period or due.......but i also find that i have a great loss when my period finishes!

Im sorry to hear you suffer from depression, i have done so also, and in the past and it didnt help me when it came to losing weight....its a vicious circle! But i decided to see my GP got my depression under control and bobs your uncle and fannies your aunt my was more focused a comitted to my weight loss.

I hope you enjoy the site and come on and have a read of the posts because they are very very uplifting and motivational.

Im sure you will be just fine! give 100% and you will notice great losses.

Chin up hun

Ruthy xxx

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