Any advice for 1st day please??

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  1. blondie70

    blondie70 Member

    Hello to all of you amazing LTers!

    I have read alot of the postings and am amazed at how successful you have all been....knew of a few people too....just fantastic, amazing results.

    So I went and got all the kit today, am so excited (sad, I know) but I have always wanted a diet that was black and exactly this and you will lose exactly that....for me when I have choices I always make the wrong ones and end up in the 'tommorrow-I will start again' cycle.

    So anyway, my NEW tommorrow is here and wondered what words of advice you experienced LTers could give me?

    I have a feeling I will be spending quite a bit of time on this great site!!

    Thanks in advance!!

    Becky :)

    and congratulations to you all so far...
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  3. Sara4

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    Welcome!!! I am an all or nothing person and I am finding it easier to cut out food completely rather than eat less of one and more of another. It is all too much hassle. This is much easier!

    Anyway the first week can be a bit rough. I found days 4 & 5 hard but that varies from person to person. My advice is drink loads of water. Just keep sipping away. I have to say 2 weeks in and my skin is glowing!!!! You do pee a lot but sure what else would you be can't eat anymore!!!!

    Good Luck and keep posting!
  4. Yummy Mummy in the making

    Yummy Mummy in the making TRYING to be patient!!

    hiya! good for you for startin LT :) i agree with sara, make sure you drink enough water..they say at least 4 litres as well as your shakes. being on here is great for keepin you distracted and for moral support. other than that just keep at it, it is hard for the 1st wk or so but it does get a lot easier! good luck x
  5. fattothin

    fattothin Gold Member

    Lipotrim 1st time
    Hi and welcome to the LT nut-house! I find it quite easy to be honest even now, just take it a day at a time and try to be positive, the time will fly by. Good luck and stick at glue!
  6. Daisybank

    Daisybank Hmmmmmm!

    hi hun welcome to the forum. You have made two great decisions - to start LT and join this forum. I completely agree - I am so much better where I have no choices. You will be fine. Drink as much water as you can, get over week 1 and then it is easier. Good luck :)
  7. holly

    holly Full Member

    slimming world
    hi and welcome, as everyone says its water, water, water!! i found it helped with headaches around days 3-4 i prefer sparkling water and when i am out or with friends i have it in a large wine glass!!!
    once week one is over and you have had first weigh in you will be on a roll. Good luck
  8. holly

    holly Full Member

    slimming world
    oh! and you might feel a bit cold also!
  9. blondie70

    blondie70 Member

    Thanks for your replies!

    Water it is!

    At least the weather is I should not feel the cold too much, I hope!

    Had my last night of piggin out! Ate enough BBQ'd burgers to see me through the next few months.....

    Will update soon!

    Thanks again

  10. TracyJ

    TracyJ Gold Member

    Hi Becky..follow it strictly hun and you will have no problems! I agree with what you said..i wanted a black and white diet too and I love it! Good luck hun xx
  11. jackie2029

    jackie2029 Full Member

    hi hun, welcome to LT, ive only been on it 10 days but feeling great, had a bit of a crap week but my mate whose started a week earlier than me felt great on her first week, just remember to stay focused and if you feel your missing out, split your packets up, as long as you 3 a day, you can have 6 shakes a day if you want to. And what ever you do, keep coming on here and looking at the before and after stuff, thats whats kept me going, just hangon in there till the first weigh in at least then youl have the loss as your inspiration, i took the dogs for a walk today and it was a nightmare as my trousers AND my knickers kept falling down!!!!! But a very happy thing to happen!!! We are all behind you hun, jx
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