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Any Asthmatics?


Restart 3/9/2013


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Umm, I didn't notice that. I know that lime really makes me short of breath, but we haven't got a lime flavour:p

My asthma wasn't too great when I was on Cambridge...owing to me doubling my ciggies:eek:, but no, particular shakes etc didn't seem to make it worse.


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Actually now that you mention it i have had to use my inhaler alot more. I hardly ever have to use it, only when i have a bad cold or hayfever hits me. But on a night when i've gone to bed i find i'm wheezy......hmmm strange, i just put it down to getting older and maybe my asthma getting worse.


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I found my asthma has got better since being on CD. I was actually thinking about going to the drs to get my preventor reduced to a lower dose.


Restart 3/9/2013
Its improved in a general sense - I dont need inhaler when out and about, but am finding I need it at night and sometimes I feel wheezy after having shakes


is gonna shine in 2009
Maybe its the milk in them?

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