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Any blokes on girly Lipotrim?

Howdy is - they are helping his moobs no end! :d


Says it as it is!!!
Aww naughty crankster.... awwww you need to have all 4!!! Maybe thats why you have chuff fooking huge losses!?!


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i wish i was on the female LT, i take my first shake at 11 am and the second at 7 pm...see by 4 pm... i could eat the insoles out of my shoes.
im really hungry.. im not sure if you can split up you packets??
If i had three shakes maybe that mite cure the hunger


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Phillip, You could try dividing each pack into two halves.

So instead of having two main Lipotrim male meals a day you could have four mini meals spread through out the day.

You might find just dividing one is sufficient.:rolleyes:

The only thing you must remember is that each half must be made up fresh and used within 15 to 20 minutes as some of the vitamins are water-soluble and they lose their nutritional value if left much longer.

Men have the male packs as they need a bit more of everything to keep them healthy and strong:)

I hope that helps.

ps. lucky you, you can have two flapjacks!

Love Mini xxx


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great thanks, im going to try that, nite time if fine, just during the day working,
thanks, thats put a smile on my face!!!
hey philip - when did u start LT - when is your first weigh in? im really looking forward to hearing ur result! :) x


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hi, started on Monday 21st, i doing my weight-in on Saturday this week and every week after that, im finding it wee bit hard... really its the water thing... i was never a big drinker of water...infact i never drank water at all...at the moment i doing around 2 and half litres of water a day..

is this ok????


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Phil, you will do ace m8. I phoned the lipo people and they said the packets are the same, they go under the same hopper, the only difference is in quantity of powder.

Being able to break my shakes up into normal mealtimes makes a hell of a difference x


Says it as it is!!!
may ask the chemist for bird 'o' trim if that makes it easier, you still may man'o'trim rates though cankster?
lol yeah should be the same price xx even though its for birds!!!! mmm you men are such puffs hahaaha


Eloquent hooligan
Yep I'm on bird-sized LT :)

I prefer it as I can have a female shake for lunch, a female soup for dinner & a double female choc shake for afters :D


Says it as it is!!!
Women, i don't know, they want equallity, but if they get it cheaper and we complain, were puffs!! :p
Not for getting it cheaper hun...you get to have 4 meals a day!!! lol how unfair..wheres the equality there heheh:D


Says it as it is!!!
Just not good to brag about as reducing shake intake can make you ill and new people might think its a way to higher weight loss...when actually it can slow weight loss and slam you in starvation mode!!!
As well as lower your immune system and make you ill !!!
You must be a lucky one!

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