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any cdc here?


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Happy to answer!
1. I only work Saturday Mornings... 8-12

2.You will need a tape measure and I also bought a height measure that's fixed to the wall... in my experience everyone thinks they're taller than they are!!

3. It took about 8 months to build up enough customers to ensure that I didn't dip back into my start up fund to buy more stock!
(remember you start off in the red with the initial outlay)

4/5.yes I do drive, but I don't deliver or do home visits anymore.... people go out/ don't answer the door when they've had a bad week... it wasted my time. It's actually made no difference to my client numbers... I've been a CWC since 2006.


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Hi Aly, Tink - out of interest what is the startup outlay likely to be?? I'd be interested, especially if I could work it around my full-time job!!
Sauce x
its 270 for course and registration and you get alittle stock with that.
thanks ali that really helps hun can i ask if poss how many clients you have and how much you earn on a adv week.
thanks again


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I have around 15 clients most of the time, but it varies.... Your sponsoring CD should be able to help you with earnings etc...
I don't advertise (only on the CWP website) and it just ticks over nicely for me.
PM me if you can't get an idea from her.


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My CDC has about 50 clients and works 7am until about 8pm mon-fri! She ended up quitting her job as she makes so much and she's always off on weekends abroad etc. I'd love to know how much she earns from it. She's a great CDC too and cares about every one of her clients :)


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It's all down to personal choice really, that's the beauty of working for yourself!
I have a professional career in addition... I know (I did the sums!) that I would need to work more hours than I do in my 'day job' to match me earnings. I do it because I want to help others and also to keep ME on track!
It doesn't always work but it is satisfying to see your clients do so well... even if I'm struggling myself!
Yeah i read that, but didnt want to just spam a lot to make my 50 posts! Obviously I need to post more rather than just read lol


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