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Any CDC's online right now please?

Wonder if you could advise. Had a hysterectomy eight weeks today, want to go back to CD 790 (which I was doing before but have regained quite a bit of weight due to resuming a bad biscuit and chocolate habit and also I think a change of HRT since my op)
Have a GP appointment this afternoon at 330pm (want to discuss the HRT as I don't think this one is right for me). I know that I am not supposed to go back to Cambridge for another four weeks.
Will I have to get a GP signature? (they charge for this in my surgery - £20 - £25 I think - ****** cheek I think but I know that they are allowed to...)
If she said that I could go back earlier, how would this be with a CDC? Would the CDC be able to sell me the products 'earlier'?
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No, hun - you need to wait at least 3 months after surgery before you can do any programme on CD.

Good luck and hope your recovery is going well.



Isobel is right and so are you...other 4 weeks takes you to about 3 months.......you need time for your body to be in tip top condition before you go all mean and cambridge diet it!! I think your CDC has gone mad!

Depending on the meds you are on, you may require a doctors signature and also some meds are contraindicated to the plan or may restrict what plan you can do. It really all depends. When you know whats happening, call your CDC and get it checked out.

Hope you're going good and that the meds get sorted out soon! must be driving you mad!

Thanks Isobel - but what I meant was - in four weeks it will be three months/twelve weeks - since the op.
But will I need the signature in four weeks time? I was thinking that if that's the case, I would mention it to the GP today.
Recovery has gone very well but still a bit tired so being careful.

OK, got it - and thanks to you as well, Coley. I hasten to add here that I hadn't at this stage approached any CDC about this as I know that you are supposed to wait for three months after surgery. I needed to have a signature last time as I was already on HRT, thyroxine and a lowdose antidepressant so I suppose I'll have to get signature again but not sure what GP will say - well, I'll find out today!

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