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Any Fitness Fanatics Out There??


Skinny girl in a fat body
Five years ago I was a total gym bunny. I went before work, after work, came home and did a keep fit DVD - even Christmas Day :wave_cry:

I got ill and lost my mojo and have never got it back. I've always been a member of the gym but went about once a month for a sauna :D BUT .................. a new branch has opened which I am using which means everyone is starting fresh with the classes. No joining an established class where everyone knows the moves and tuts if you go the wrong way - everyone is in the same boat. I have been going to Zumba and Pilates but will start incorporating LBT's next week.

My question is, what do you think gives you the most / better results - an hour in the gym or an hour's class? Last week I did 3 classes plus swimming, this week the plan is 7 classes plus a swim. Do you think I would be better off on the treatmill, cross trainer, rowing machine etc as opposed to doing the classes?

At the end of the day any exercise is better than no exercise, but I was just wondering.
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I love the gym and go 6 times a week. I do 6 classes and 1 gym session. For me personally I prefer the classes. I do things in them that I wouldn't ever do in the gym for example squats. I've found with classes such as body pump I'm much more toned and wouldn't have been able to do that by myself in the gym. It's working as I've lost 4st 3lbs. I'd say do what you enjoy the most as that way you're more likely to stick to it. Hope I've helped a bit :)


Skinny girl in a fat body
Yes there is that element to it - I enjoy the classes more than the gym but if the gym works best, I'd do it. Don't think I could do Body Pump or Body Combat just yet but working my way towards it.


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..................I recognise a lot of what you say in myself. 10 years ago I was a fitness intructor and taught 5 classes a week and if I wasn't teaching I was participating. I would hunt down classes during the holidays and if I couldn't find one I would get withdrawl symptoms and feel really guilty about not exercising. I am not saying you are the same as I was but I honestly feel that you can become addicted to exercise in the same way as you can to anything that gives you a buzz and that is not healthy. Doing anything to excess is not good for you as my knees are a testament to now. It's just an observation and maybe a warning that although we all need to exercise there are limits.
I am currently doing the Hannah Waterman DVD & I ordered the new Jillian Michaels 6 week plan yesterday.

I enjoy exercising & how it makes me feel :)


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P.S. I now consider myself a recovering exerciseaholic as I now do 3 sessions of Zumba a week and thouroughly enjoy it but I don't get all panicky if I can't go for some reason.


Skinny girl in a fat body
Ohhh I loved how I looked and felt this time 5 years ago, I would love to get that back. I know I was obsessed, one night in a class I collapsed and had to be carried out of the gym and into hospital where I had torn a ligament in my leg. I was told I wouldn't exercise for 6 months, but I was back in the gym a few weeks later :(

I know obsession isn't good, but if I could just get obsessed for a couple of months until I lost the weight and was back in a size 10-12 I'd be more than happy :) :)
Id say go for whatever you enjoy most. If it becomes too "diet" related you might start to hate it after a while. I go to yoga twice a week because i love it, i swim because i love it....but anythign else and i feel like im forcin myself to do it. xx
Nope, not me lol. I hate exercise most of the time! Was very sporty at school and love team sports, but gyms bore me to tears - I'd rather rip off my own arm than go on a treadmill.
No wonder I put on weight, combined with an obsessed with pizza and all things carby.

I do however absolutely love weights and yoga, so they are brilliant on this diet, as too tired for cardio, but able to get toned.


Doing it exante style :)
Don't know if this counts but, I wanna be a gym fanatic ;) I think about joining classes and doing different exercises loads so the thoughts there lol
Just can't get motivated! x

Meant to add, I do use my treadmill for 30 mins most days :) it's a chore tho lol x
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I hate exercise now. I used to walk for miles but now because I smoke I get breathless and have smoke related Asthma. I have never been into gyms. I did buy myself a treadmill but it was a five minute wonder and ended up as a coat hanger. I flogged it in the end. I will give up smoking when I've shifted some of this weight. But I'm hoping that I can stick to my electronic cigarette at the moment which is a safe alternative. Then I can get back to walking again.
I used to be relatively fit up until my mid 20's, even although I smoked.
I never liked running, but loved swimming.
I didn't really like the gym, but loved team sports, or circuit type training.
I have always loved walking. Especailly hill walking.

I joined curves a couple of years ago.
It works for me. :)

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