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any help please


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Blood in urine NOT GOOD!! Try and go to the walk in clinic hun get that checked out!! XXXX


please try again
its possible youve got a urine infection ( pains in ur back, stings when u pee, fever ) ( thou i never get symptoms when ive got one, just the fever, vomiting and feeling like the worlds spinning )

if theres blood in ur urine then you need to get checked out immediatly so out of hours gp, walk in centre or a & e hun

hope your sorted and feeling better soon


please try again
oh and althou lightheadness can be common on cd if your dehydrated or in need of a pack the clammyness and blood definatly are NOT


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Sounds like you might have a urine infection hun. Have you been drinking enough? The high ketose count would suggest you are dehydrated, and blood in the urine would suggest urine infection. Have you got a temperature?

Get yourself off to the (out of hours) doctors TODAY and get some antibiotics prescribed. If you have a temperature or pain I would take paracetamol and/or ibuprofen. AND DRINK LOTS OF WATER. If its an infection you need to drink lots to help flush it out of the system


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hope your better soon
UTI as others have said or could you have started your period?

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