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Any ideas any one????

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The diets going well at the mo and im not really finding it too hard..... the only problem I have at the min is that I work in a call centre and have picked up a really really sore throat (you can imagine what problems it creates when i'm struggling to talk......) It's got so bad this week my manager has told me I need to get some medicine or some cough sweets, obviously I cant have these at the min (even though Im being bullied into having something by my work buddies) I've tried drinking tea without milk to help sooth it, but I just cant stand it without milk....... as anyone any suggestions before my voice completly packs in? :rolleyes:
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Hey, Im sorry i dont know what to say... hot tea and coffee or water is about it. Hope you get good rest over the weekend so you are better for monday. Try to talk gently on the phone today so you do not strain your voice too much! x
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Try the tea really really weak - that is how i have found it palatable. Dunk the tea bag for 10 seconds max and add a sweetener.

Or try just hot water. I find tea/water much more soothing than coffee on the throat. and keep up the normal water intake too.
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try warm water!....or tea...take it easy with the fones till u get better!.
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If you happen to have a spare vanilla shake you could make it really watery and keep it in the fridge as milk for your tea or coffee. It would add some calories to your day but if it helps and keeps you from taking something that might bring you out of ketosis then...

That's about all I can think of I'm afeared! Hope ya feel better soon. :D
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feel better soon hun...

try peppermint tea- I find that quite warm and comforting...

you could ring the LT helpline and see what they advise? There may be some medicine that won't interfere with the programme!


irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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That is rough for you. unless it gets bad enough to need medicine, just keep sipping water and cooled peppermint tea. Hot liquids might irritate the tissues. If you keep sipping room temp water it will helpstop you coughing and making your throat more raw. Pharmacist should be able to advise on your best plan. Mind yourself.
S: 13st2lb C: 12st2lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 1st0lb(7.61%)
Thanks everyone...... I spoke to the LT help line yesterday as it got quite bad and i felt really run down. They have have advised me to do a week of re feeding to buid my self back up.... im determined to be really good while I do it. But I was planning on doing refeed after next week any how because I have my Holidays so I think im going to refeed and maintain until I come back of my holidays and then get back on it when i get home :( Not really what i wanted to do but like they said health before the diet)
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Hey Keriann, good luck with the refeed, and hope you feel better soon

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