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Any ideas for alternative activities to eating?

I find my life quite depressing in many ways while being on CD. I used to go for lunch regularly with my mum, husband, son or friends, or dinner or I really enjoyed cooking nice meals too. This was especially true at the weekend.
Since starting CD I have more or less shut myself in my room (not completely but definitely at weekends). I don't really enjoy doing things or life for that matter without eating or food to look forward to. For example, if we go somewhere for the day the highlight for me is the lunch.
I know that Imust change my relationship with food and replace it with other things. It's just that in all honesty other things don't seem that attractive to me. I know this is pathetic but it's just the truth.
Can anyone help with this and suggest a lifestyle or activities that are fun and enjoyable without food? Is anyone else feeling like this? And this is especially difficult at weekend.
Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated or to know if other people are feeling the same way.
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I found myself feeling that way for the first 6 weeks or so.Then gradually the focus has shifted away from food.Now that the weather is nicer try doing things outside more.Visit a beach or a park.Try going somewhere different.Keep your goal in mind and remind yourself that you're not being forced to do this...it's your choice...and you can eat whatever it is you're craving when you get to goal.You can do it.Don't shut yourself away from everything as that will just get you depressed.{{{hugs}}}
Oh thank you Rose and that is brilliant to know that it gets better. I'm such a moan but it is hard. I know I should do stuff because when I do it feels ok and I enjoy myself; it's just the thought of it I think. Thanks anyway for great support x


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Well I seem to have much more time now...... no eating meals!! lol!

I am actually arriving on time for things - which is a big change for me!! heee haaa!

I have started knitting a blanket.... it is something to aim for, and will be a nice present for someone!!

Broxi - Have you looked at the Arcade part of this forum? There are some great games to be played :D. I love Bola myself and killed quite a few hours playing it :). Just a thought.

When the weather picks up again (when??) could you go outside and get some exercise whilst enjoying the fresh air? I love walking my kids to school instead of taking the car when the weather is nice. It's 25mins there and 25mins back, twice a day, five days a week, it adds up nicely ;).

How about exploring your local library? Free to join, borrowing books & mags is free, reading books is a great way to pass time :). Or get a book on a subject/hobbie you fancy but have not tried before, it could be the start of a new you :D.

Good luck on your CD journey, you will get there!!

Soon2bslimmer x :)


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I take my dog for a walk, go on the trampoline, have talked my neighbour into going to yoga so starting that next week. I give myself a manicure and pedicure the other day.

As for days out - make sure that the activity is time consuming and interesting and food doesn't play a big part.

At work this week I found I had a whole hour to browse the shops as I'd downed my tetra at my desk, so I have more time on my hands.

Some nights if I'm not cooking dinner for dh I sit in the sittingroom on here until he's cooked his meal and then I join him in the kitchen to have my shake. I actually still enjoy cooking, I just don't taste any of it - even to check the seasoning. It gives me pleasure to feed my family and have them enjoy it. I just cook healthy food now - no stoodge, no takeaways.

I'm the same as you - lunch/dinner has always played a big part on the success of a day. On holiday I'd say it wasn't a good holiday if the restuarants weren't up to scratch or we had a bad meal somewhere. Wouldn't matter how good the rest of it was!

I think part of this process is about re-setting how we look and think about food. It is just an essential fuel that we need to give us energy to do what we want to do with our day...
I think part of this process is about re-setting how we look and think about food. It is just an essential fuel that we need to give us energy to do what we want to do with our day...
Couldn't agree with you more :). I try to see food as fuel now. I need some every now and again to keep going, it is not the main focus of my day!

Soon2bslimmer x


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sex........... xxx
Claira you are funny but maybe that's what I should do. Spice up my marriage!
Thanks so much everyone for your ideas. I do actually have a fairly full life it just feels so empty without food. I do read all the time and meet friends and swim but I suppose I'm just missing food because that was my favourite part of it all. And yes I'm the same - hols are rubbish if the food's not good.
I know I need to see food as a fuel and nothing more. Has anybody actually managed that yet? (might put a thread out on this) When I was pregnant I ended up really thin after my son was born because food was only a fuel for me then- something to take when I was hungry- but that was all cos I didn't particularly like it. I wish that would happen again (not getting pregnant!!)
As well I do feel like what I posted but I think I was feeling much worse about it last night cos I was tired and also that Friday night feeling. Hopefully today will be better. But thanks guys, I know I can count on the support I get o here. x

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