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Any Ladies Taking Cerazette???


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my doctor changed me from the pill to the mini pill 3 months ago, which means i now don't have the 7 day break for my bleed, i just take this pill continuously...

the only thing is i haven't had a period since i started this pill... is this normal???
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Yup, Ive been on the same pill for 6 yrs, and no period, apart from when I was on CD!!! Takes some getting used to but its the best ever x


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I would have thought- my opinion only - that if you are taking a pill for 28 days continually then you would not have a 'period' as such - are the pills all the same or are they different colours/dosage etc ?


Fab & Fit For Florida
well cerazette does not have estrogen in like the normal pill with the 7 day break...

she took me off estrogen as she said that may be why i struggle with my weight and why i am getting migraines, because I was on Cilest and she said the estrogen in there was very strong...

now on cerazette it is progesterone only, so no break, but i thought i would still have erratic bleeds???

see my fear is, when i started my periods at 13 i would go months and months without a bleed... and the when i went on the pill i was guaranteed a bleed...

because i am now on the mini pill should i not be having a natural bleed rather than a forced bleed due to tablets? see i am worried that because i am not bleeding i mustn't be fertile, and i am scared i can't have children :(


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I was put on Cerazette due to problems with pressure around my eyes and brain!! Haven't had a period since which personally I love! I think with this pill some people do and some don't.

If you're not happy with that side effect, maybe see if there is an alternative your doctor can give you?


Fab & Fit For Florida
i'm not worried about the side effect, i just hope it doesn't mean i am infertile :(
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Funny you should say.
I'm on Cerazette and have been for the last 2 years. I normally dont have a bleed at all BUT have done this week! Very strange indeed.


Winning a losing battle!
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i'm not worried about the side effect, i just hope it doesn't mean i am infertile :(
I'm sure that's not the case but if you are concerned, speak to your gp to put your mind at rest. :hug99:


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I have been on this pill a couple of years and never had a period till i started on CD last year, then i was spotting all over the place! Its all settled down now. The lack of period is just a by product of this pill :)


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I was on Cerazette for years because of getting migraines, i loved it as i hardly had any periods, my only problem with it was that you cant over take the pill to prevent a period, like for a holiday or something, (which i no your not supposed to do). I got pregnant tho while on this pill.
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I am on cerazette and never really had a period for the two years i was on it prior to CD, but since i started this plan i've had three really heavy periods where i bleed for two weeks or more. Very frustrating and also worrying as it seems to happen after intercourse. Have had a smear test recently to put my mind at rest.
I've been on it for two and a half years, very occasionally I have a very light period that might last for up to two days. Only once have I bled heaviliy whilst on this pill and that lasted for three weeks and was horrible, I did spk to my GP about it but she wasn't too worried - she said if it happened again let her know, but that was months ago and nothing since. I've not had any other problems or side effects with it.


Fab & Fit For Florida
i've only been on it for 3 months and i think it has been about 4 years since my last smear test...

i am at the doctors tomorrow morning because i am on my last few days of pills so i will query it tomorrow, but i have to say that all of your responses have really really put my mind at rest, because i thought i would still have a monthly bleed, but would not be forced by a break i thought it would be a natural one...

that used to happen to me ginge on my old pill... but if you've had your smear then you have covered all areas haven't you hunny, you will be fine :) thanks guys :)

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