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Any of you's adjusting target weight?


try, try & try some more!
I am defo thinking about it!

I am about 13 10 at minute but summa size 14 are starting to get quite big.. i'm about 5ft9"

Ma goal was originally 10st7lbs but i think thats gonna be too low to be honest.. anyone just going down til they 'look' about right?

I don't wanna be on CD a few months later wishing i'd lost more :cry:
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My first goal has always been to get to my weight at BMI 25 and then go from there. It's so hard to tell, especially if you have never really been that size so don't know what to expect. If I get to BMI 25 and feel fine I'll stop but if I feel like I want to keep going I will.
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I know exactly what you mean Rade, and I think thats why I find CD hard to stick to at times. Im wearing mostly 14's and think I look "OK" now yet im still obese according to my BMI. Ive set myself the target of BMI 28, which for me is about 12stone10 (im 5ft 7) I think its important to have some sort of goal to aim for rather than just waking up one morning and deciding you are done.

Dont forget you may still lose a bit more during the steps to maintenance. Good luck and hope you make the right decision for you. xx


try, try & try some more!
thanks guys.. it is a little tricky... hard to imagine when you first start huh!! :D


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I was going to go for a size 12/14, but actually, cos I've got a large frame and big mahoosive boobies, I'd look ridiculous that slim, so I'm going for a size 16/18 now


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I am going to adjust mine when I get there.

I have a large skeletal frame so would be aiming for the top of the weight range rather than the bottom.

We have to go to a weight that feels/looks right for us.



try, try & try some more!
I am going to adjust mine when I get there.

We have to go to a weight that feels/looks right for us.
yeah i think your right.. it can be hard when you look at yourself though.. it would be great to see the old you in the mirror then a second later the NEW you..! the gradual change makes it hard to appreciate how far you've cme! lol
IVe just changed my target as i'm 5ft 8 and my collar bones are already very prominent to get to a bmi of 25 i'd be under 12 stone the last time i was that weight i was a size 10 and everyone told me i looked anorexic which looking back at pics i did look rather skeletal, i just want to get to a size 12/14 and i'll be happy!!!!
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I'm aiming to be a comfortable size 12 - I'm currently in 14s and have just over 2 stone to go to my target of 10 stone - ideally I'd love to be 9 stone something but don't want to be too skinny! OMG that sounds so odd - worrying about being skinny lol

Corinne x

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