Any scrapbookers here?

Yes, I started a scrapbook for my daughter when I was expecting her and I also started one for my weight loss journey!

Love to look back on things!

My daughters is a lot more indepth, and I will give it to her as a gift on her 18th birthday.

I love scrapbooking and cardmaking too! I need to get started on my Christmas cards soon. It's a great way to keep your mind occupied too and before you know it, the evening's gone.

Happy scrapping !
I do still enjoy cardmaking, but do not make as many as I used to - apart from Christmas. What is UKS? I don't belong to any groups. I do find that I have to get stuff sent from the USA as it's hard to get hold of things like Anna Griffin papers for example.
UKS is UKScrappers. Am I allowed to post links?
Don't get stuff shipped from the US, there are loads of great scrapbook shops online now. If you register on UKScrappers there are sponsors on there and they have fantastic offers.
I love scrapbooking and card-making (preferring scrap-booking at the mo). Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time spare to indulge myself in the hobby now that I'm at University.

I've got tons and tons of craft stuff though - papercrafting is pretty darned addictive and I even though I've sworn not to buy any more until I use the stuff I've already got, I inevitably end up buying yet more ribbon, tags, patterned paper & scrapbooking packs.

I used to run my own little rubber stamping business selling unmounted stamps imported from America but as I've changed direction by going to Uni, I'm selling what I've got left on Ebay bit by bit.
I have got some alphabets left actually! There's an Azadi alphabet lower and upper case. (Azadi specialises in American folk-art type stamps).
They look like 'stitched' letters with a little daisy on each one. Hard to describe :rolleyes:

And I've also got some tiny alphabets in various fonts.
Just bumping this thread as I am finding scrapbooking is the best way to keep me occupied when I want to eat! I had lost interest in my crafting what with everything which happened in my life last year, but now I am raring to go! I need a craft room, so I can leave things out in progress instead of having to tidy away every night. Roll on May when my loft extension will be done and I will have my craft room!
hey girls, i'm a card maker mainly but i have done 1 scrapbook. my dad became a orphan nearly 2 years ago so i made 1 as a surprise birthday pressie for him with pictures of his gg grandparents right thru to his grandchildren, he loved it. unfortunatly we didn't take many pics of the kids when they were younger cos i would have loved to do 1 easc for them, nevermind !
i did think about doing my weight loss journey, bu didn't think it would be very interesting & i'm not sure i want to look at porky photo's of me!
It's our 10th wedding anniversary on Feb 18th and I've decided to out together an album for hubby. It's also DD's 23rd birthday the day before so I'll try and do one for her too (if I have the time with Uni etc).

The last one I did was of our trip to New Zealand in 2004 (what an adventure!) ... I re-lived that fantastic journey with every page I put together. That's the great thing about scrapbooking: it's not just a case of chucking some photos in an album - it's the thought and care that goes into 'presenting' that event or portrait at its best and bringing it alive.

It also makes it more enjoyable for the person looking at it ... page after page of untitled photos can be a bit tedious to look at. When you have a couple of photos beautifully presented on a page with some journaling or a quote and other interesting snippets then it becomes a story and not just a mass of photos. I love it!
pandora, I ma journalling my Lighterlife journey because I want it to be an incentive to stay slim when I get there! I took my own pics on Thursday of me as I was then, and will get new ones regularly. Plus it is more difficult to see the changes in yourself I think.
Anyway, 2 of my latest pages are on my blog if you fancy a look.
Good luck with the album Debbie
thanks to you Yorkiegirl i may just do 1, i looked at your pages, they are lovely, i also read a little of your blog. You should be so proud of yourself you are obviously doing a great job with your girls & by doing LL you are making sure you are still around for them. *^^((^%$^&* to the person who slagged off you doing LL saying it was a bad example, my girls are 11 & 7 & appreciate why i do CD
head up & keep goin hun
Just thought I'd introduce myself on this thread I'm another UKS'er known as Vickie over there :)
i love to scrapbook, i use a very good site atm find it very useful but not sure wether i'm allowed to post links here lol

on making one for my son atm, i also like to make atc cards and mini tag albums.
Joy whats the name of the site? I can google it ;)
I've never made an ATC before, I like 12*12 and the freedome it gives, I'd feel like I had to squeeeeze everything onto an ATC lol
i hate using big spaces, i find them hard to fill. little ones with loads on suit me better.

the site is called crafty cows,

see you there :D