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Any Short people that can help please?

Hi guys

I have been following SW since the start of Aug and am struggling a bit with meal ideas and feel I am falling in to a bit of a rut with eating the same things. I am 5' 3" and am aiming to get to about 8st 7lbs (might reduce this slightly but will assess if I get there!).

I have been ploughing through the food diaries but thought I would be lazy and ask here, does anyone have a diary I could look at please who does Green days and is short and around my target weight (or on the way there!)? Also any approx portion sizes would be helpful too :rolleyes:

I would be very grateful!
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Do you have a sample days eating or a diary I may look at all? And advice on portion sizes?
I'm 5ft 2ins & did use to keep a food diary but no longer have it now I'm at target.

I too tend to eat the same type of things, I just love quorn. I have cereal & fruit for breakfast, and either pasta, rice, potato with salad for lunch followed by fruit and yogurt, tea can be as simple as SW chips, beans & eggs, or chilli & rice. During the day I snack on fruit.

I eat until I'm full and will have a large dinner plate with food on it. I will stop eating if I'm too full & don't mind leaving some on my plate.
I still wouldnt mind having a look at a diary if that is OK. :)
Great guys, I am off to have a look!
Oh wow this is great you are all the same sort of height as me. I always get people say to me that I dont need to be on a diet because they see me as petit but they dont see how uncomfortable i am in my clothes. I am so glad you guys are here. xxx
Hi guys! Weigh in tomorrow, fingers crossed!
I'm short, 4ft 11.5inches. I do a mixture of days, and am maintaining, my diary is in my sig.
Hello I have the same problem. I am 5foot 2ish (probs more 5'1) my first target is the get to 9.13 and see where I go from there. Im pretty rubbish on the diary front but I did keep a diary for 4 weeks called 6lbs....4 weeks where I have tried doing red and green if its any help.
Been short is really hard because it shows more. I have a friend who is 6'2 and wears a 14 but looks amazing, where as when I was in a 14 I felt like a ball!!!!
Hi guys

Thanks for all the replies, its great us normal sized people (;)) can stick together!


Looking for Slimville!
I'm 5ft 2.5"...for years I was convinced I was 5ft 6" til I went to the docs for a medical and BOOM, suddenly I've lost over 3" haha ;).

Anyway, today is day 1 of Slimming World for me. I've had an Extra Easy day today - gonna try and do this plan for my first week til I get settled then probs try the others.

Good luck to all the shorties out there :)

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