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Any tips for weigh in day??

Last week i was so determined to make sure that my wee test was ok, that i drunk about 2 litres of water before weigh in... which my counsellor said was a bad idea as this can effect the weight on the scales as you are carrying so much water.

I still lost nearly 13lbs, so not was chuffed (first week).

Ironically... my wee shows i was not hydrated enough!!

Any one else got any ideas for things that make sure you are weighing in as close to true weight as possible.

Also... does anyone else's counsellors scale show a reading that you cant see. I step on the scales, but i dont see the readout? Just wondered if there was a reason for that?
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You should be able to see the read out on the scale. Its the most important thing I look at on a Monday night :)

I try to not drink too much before I go to weigh in. I drink about three litres during the day and then take a litre with me for after I have weighed.

Awesome first week weigh in though woohoo.:D
Yeah i dont know why i can see the readout.... it might be because of the way the room is laid out. If i could see the readout, so could anyone who walked up to her desk. It annoying though, as i would like to see the numbers myself, least that way i know they are correct.
stick to the same foodpack/water routine each week so if your class is at 8pm then you might want to stop drinking at 6pm on that day so that you 'wee' out all the water you have drunk rather than it adding weight on the scales. Also wear the same sort of clothes when you are weighing.

We can see the scales read out, but it is behind a screen so that no-one else interrupts while you are being weighed
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We cannot see the readout but thats ok with me....I just peek over her shoulder as she walks away to write it in my book! Our LLC gives NOTHING away on her little face!!!

As said above - wear similar type clothes each time you go. I started wearing the sme outfir for a few weeks, but I can't wear them anymore. Oh Darn! (NOT!!!!!!!!!!!) :D

AGreed with cutting out water early - I try to stop about 3 hours before group. And don;t worry - you WILL be able to wee. Trust me!! lol

Good luck!

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I try to stick to the same routine each week, drink about the same amount of water, eat same number of packs and wear very similar (if not same) clothes.

I can see the numbers when I'm weighed, can only imagine it's just due to the layout of the room.

Good luck for your weigh in :)
im really lucky cos mine is at 9.30 am. so roll out of bed straight there and start drinking after I weighed :D
tehehe xx
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Kellie=];514662 said:
im really lucky cos mine is at 9.30 am. so roll out of bed straight there and start drinking after I weighed :D
tehehe xx
Bl**dy students. :D <<hugs>> Just joshin!! :)

Deb G

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I get weighed at 7pm so I make sure that I have 3 litres before 12 and try not to drink after that - then drink my final litre once I've been weighed. I also make sure I wear light clothes (to begin with I worse the same clothes each week - until they fell off me!) and NEVER jeans (my jeans weigh 2.5lbs....I checked!). Take a bar or muffin with you to have afterwards with your cuppa and water.
cut your toenails !!! x
haha BL- nice one :D x

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