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Any truth in it

With it being bbq season i was thinking of starting atkins, i have 16 weeks to my hols and want to lose at much weigh as i can. However on mentioning this to people all ive heard about is atkins causing gallstones and so and so had to have their gallbladder out coz of atkins. I wouldnt normally believe hype but must adimt wary of this
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People love to diss Atkins! Most now say low carb as it seems more acceptable. Rapid weight loss such as after weight loss surgery can contribute to gallstones but it doesn't stop people having it. The pros outweigh the cons but i havent heard them linked to atkins. I'd suggest googling gallstones for an answer.


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You have to judge for yourself of course, but people do love scare tactics!

For myself, I've been healthier than ever since doing Atkins, and no gallstone problems at all - just a bit of IBS from steak in the evening. I eat more veg than ever, and my cholesterol and blood pressure have both gone down.


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I feel way healthier now I'm doing Atkins. I used to end up in hospital pretty regularly with abdominal pains, which they queried if it was my gall bladder but never got definitive proof with scans. I haven't been doing it long but I've had no pains since.
After the initial few days of atkins when I got the energy boost I have been able to do more excersise and as a result I haven't used my inhaler for asthma for ages either. Plus my mood has improved.
As said above give it a google. It is always right to research something if unsure, but I have to say since coming on this forum all I have heard is how good people feel and this is a group of people together whereas media may only report isolated cases. So if you are doing your research look for journal articles where there has been a group of people who have suffered these problems as a result, and also look at other factors within the research participants, and look at who funded the study. I always bear in mind that some studies are funded by people who want results to go a certain way. But i'm a sceptic! Ha! Anyway let us know how you get on


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Well I'm definitely one of the people who feels good on this woe - lucky me! My weight coming off, my BP down and i love it!

However, I did do a whole load of research when i started as i am definitely a skeptic about restrictive eating/strange diets. Based on the sound statistical studies available (rather than journo hype) the facts of atkins are:
It's the best way to lose weight pretty fast
It does Benefit your insulin responses (so v good for diabetics)
But many/most people put it all back on because they dont change their eating habits!
Some people cant get started because they feel so bad (carb withdrawal)
That's about all they can prove

That's it - no other proven facts - lots of people "worried" about not enough carbs because happens to be in current official food triangle, also worried what would happen if will eat tons and tons of cheese/fat/cream but no stats.

If you follow the plan ie induction, owl, maintenance you will end up on a very balanced healthy diet

In the end you need to find something that suits you long term - for most of us eating real food with plenty of choice and losing excess weight IS the healthy option :)


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Don't know about gallstones but I'm 100% fitter than when I was 25 Stone + :)

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