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Any veggies out there - how did maintenance go

I'm going to move onto maintenance either this week or next week and I have been looking through the options and it looks a bit crazy to me.

For 810 and 1000 I have to eat huge quantities of either cottage cheese or quorn, for the quorn, one daily portion is a whole bag of quorn, which is what I would usually use for a family of 4.

For the 1000 step, if I want to do 3b, I have to eat Penne Pasta with chickpeas every day - there doesn't seem to be a list of ingredients that are ok.

For 1200 I have to have quorn burger every day (there is a mushroom dish as well but I'm allergic to mushrooms, ho hum).

It all seems very limited and I'm worried that I won't be able to stick to it. It would be better if I could vary the proteins allowed more, have eggs, lentils or beans instead of quorn.

How have other vegetarians managed working through the maintenance plan.

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Stubborn tortoise
I am veggie and I agree, the quorn quota is alot, never managed to eat all that. I just made a big portion and hoped for the best.

From 1000 on, I carried on with the quorn allowed on 810 and added in the penne & chickpeas, the recipes are suggestions, it doesn't mean that suddenly you cannot have quorn, tofu or cottage cheese on 1000. I also had eggs from that point, poached usually and not all the time, but to vary things. (not officially allowed at 1000 though apparently rumour has it that rules will be changed at some point on this) You have to make sure you are having a protein rich meal with a few carbs being introduced slowly on 1000. And for 1200 of course you don't have to have a quorn burger daily, just that now you CAN include a burger if you choose, as well as the other protein choices allowed up till then.

I agree that CD could look at re-wording the lists to make it clear what is allowed at each step, and make it clear that those things are allowed as long as cals do not exceed 1000 (or whatever) and carbs are kept low. Some people do take the suggestions literally and it throws them right off course. It could be more clear. There is more info on veggie CD on the forum, just not sure where... maybe someone else can tell us?

I loved 810 and 1000, am now off-step (for now) & at target, and feel CD works really well for us veggies. Good luck & enjoy!

That is an incredible weight loss you have achieved there, well done.

I think my problem is that I like Sole Source, it's easy to not have to choose, so maybe that is actually why I'm not liking the food choices for the steps.

Thinking about it though, I can make is interesting by having stir frys etc, rather than just a pile of protein and the veg.

Thanks for you help, it's much clearer now.




Stubborn tortoise
I was the same on SS, but it's worth making the leap as in the real world we have to eat food... I had never really eaten quorn before much, but now I love it, and know that protein with my meals is a must to keep me 'steady'. It's a learning curve, but don't be scared of it... and good luck!


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