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Any way to tag a recipe?

Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by PeggyDee, 22 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. PeggyDee

    PeggyDee Full Member

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    Slimming World
    There are some amazing recipes shared on this site, and I have been silly enough to try some of them but not save them. I can search again for them but when I do a search for a recipe there are always several hundred hits, and not all the thread titles give a hint as to what is in the thread, and other threads have hundreds of recipes sharing a theme and the one I want is on page 25 or 62, so I end up spending ages trawling through my search results until I find just the one I remember I used before.

    So my questions is.... is there a way to tag and save a recipe under my profile settings? An 'add to favourites' button anywhere? Of course I could write it down or even copy and paste it into a document I can save on the laptop, but I keep forgetting to do this.
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  3. miss.mooey

    miss.mooey Full Member

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    I take screen shots...
    i hav a folder in my phones gallery that i keep my recipes in. U could also do this on a pc. guessin u can do the same on tablets?

    i just make sure i have the name of the recipe either on the screen shot or change the name of the file

    As far as im aware there isnt a way to mark certain posts unless u maybe 'like' them... then u can access them from ur profile.

    HTH :)
  4. I find that it is easier to search this site using Google than the Minimins search facility.

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