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**Anybody else losing weight rather than inches?**


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Hi everyone,

I have done really well for the last three weeks and do not intend on giving up now but I've lost 34lbs and not even gone down a size!

Everyone I've talked to regarding this has been really helpful and supportive but I'd love to hear what people have got to say on this subject.

I have this reoccurring nightmare, that I am a unique case and although I reach my goal weight, I still stay the same size! Please tell me there is hope. :cry:
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I have lost over 50lbs and I have only just in the past 2 weeks shifted into a different clothing size....you will lose inches I promise:D
I've lost a total of 23 lbs since I started Cambridge, and almost 27 lbs from my highest weight.

The measuring tape says I've lost inches, but I notice no difference in the way any of my clothes fit.

It's pretty darn frustrating!
Wow 34 pounds in 3 weeks is incredible!!At a guess your clothes were probably tight to begin with if you're anything like me, so you have lost a size, it's just that you were in a too small size to begin with.


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Thanks for your comments guys.

Oinkstop, I totally empathise with you and understand your frustrations.

Can anyone tell me, do you think it's because we should be exercising more? How much should you exercise?

I have had a slip up yesterday but I'm so disheartened by the fact that I'm losing weight everyday and yet I'm still the same darn size! Kicking on with it from tomorrow though!
I might be totally wrong here, but is it possible that clothes may not fit any looser because it takes a little while for the skin to shrink back? Like you're losing weight faster than your skin can adjust? Like I said, I'm probably wrong :)

Congratulations on your progress Sonya!


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I've lost 60 pounds and have only just gone down 2 dress sizes. I don't feel any smaller at all but loads of people have commented. It will eventually catch up.

My CDC told me the Paper Towel Theory, and it really makes sense to me. Think of a full roll of paper towel (you know, the kitchen stuff). If you take one or two pieces off, it doesn't really make a difference to the overall size of the roll. However, as the roll gets smaller, taking just one sheet off will make a bigger difference to the overall size of the roll.

In other words, the smaller you get, the more different you will look by shedding just a few pounds.

Hope this gives you a bit of motivation, as it has done for me! xx
I like the paper towel roll theory. It makes me feel a little better, especially since I've been wearing jeans this past week, and when I went to put on my sweat pants (size XL) that I usually wear, they feel tighter than usual!

I've lost weight. The scale tells me so. The tape measure tells me so. My clothes tell me different! Grrr.


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Thanks for your positive comments guys. :)

Can someone tell me about exercise and whether or not you are all doing it? Would love to know where I should stand on this. Obviously, I hate it!!! :D

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