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Anybody fancy a challenge???!!!!!!

Morning Folks,

I've been doing Exante for a while now and I REALLY need to get some focus back so would anyone be interested in joining a 2 month challenge group?

I'm getting married on 1st October and would like to reach my goal by then (hence the 2 months!) and I also think 2 months isn't too much of a long time. I'll post results every Saturday and at the end of the 2 months will tally them up to see who's won the challenge and then we'll all start again for the next 2 months.

Anybody up for that??? I could to with someone kicking me up the backside!!!!
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Bouncybride i am in! consider yourself well and truely :whoopass:! I am off on holiday in October so will be nice to be as slim as possible x
Welcome aboard k8te!!!!! Ooh I love a challenger! lol Are you going anywhere nice? I'm going to Corfu for Honeymoon on 7th Oct so not only do I want to lose for the wedding but then I have the pressure of keeping on Exante the weeke between the wedding and the honeymoon! eeek!

What day do you weigh and I'll put you down :D xx


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I wish you both well - I would love to join the challenge - my birthday is at beginning of October - but too many social and work commitments in the next two months to join in a challenge. I will enjoy seeing how well you guys are doing and it will give me an idea of what's possible - something to work for between October and Christmas when my calendar is free.
Thanks lass321..you've done brilliantly yourself :) I'll be renewing every 2 months so maybe when you have less on you could join at the beginning of phase 2! lol :)
Im in but hoping to be at goal for mid sept as that's my final wedding dress fitting before they send off for it to be made..... I'll still carry on till 1st October though! Xx
Brilliant Carrie! And OMG well done on your loss so far!!! Has that all been with Exante??? And how long has it taken you? I've got until Oct 1st and I'm hoping to be 154lbs by then although I'll need to lose more afterwards, I doubt anything more than that by then is realistic but we'll see!!!

Could you let me know your weigh day too so I can get people listed, I'll start on Saturday. :)
Thanks, it's not all been with exante, it's been a mix between Atkins, lighterlife and now exante. See a pattern there? Lol all ketogenic diets. Seems to be the only way I'm garaunteed to lose weight. My goal is really not as low as is on my ticker but I find when I get within 7lbs of target I start to sabotage myself. Hence the lower goal. I'd really like to be between 9st 4lbs and 9st 7lbs.... My weigh in day is a tuesday at the moment but I'll give u weigh in on sat. I'm a daily weigher so it makes no difference to me.

Welldone on your losses so far and I'm sure well all get to our mini goals by then..... Girl power!!!! Xx
My true goal is 126 and my target is just to feel comfortable in my wedding dress, whatever weight that is!!!

I've a long way to go still until my ultimate goal (healthy bmi) but seeing your losses is inspiring and makes me think it's definitely realistic.

Brilliant, well, you can either give them to me on Tuesdays or Saturdays as I'll just update Saturday anyway ( I know what you mean, I'm a serial weigher!!) lol Here's to the first week then!! Best of luck :)
Count me in - I'm new to this forum and not too sure how it all works - but only on day four of exante and have just eaten a sandwich - I am SO cross with myself I need to keep focused - let this be the only f*** up between now and October!
Hi all,

Could I join this please? i have 2 stone to lose at least as I'm off to Turkey on 29th Sept!

Saturday weigh ins are fine for me :) I will be there, I'm looking to be 182lbs or below by then if I can.

Bring the challenge on ladies (and men) lol
Welcome aboard folks :) it's goodto have a few people to do it, I think it'll be a little more motivating!!!

Pealicious - Don't worry about the sarnie, just pretend you didn't have it and carry on, once you're past Day 5 of 100% you will be fine and should find it easier then.

Nomore 15's - the target you have is EASILY achieveable!

I can't wait to get started! Will take it from Saturday so it will give people a chance to join if they want to.

It's up to you all how you want to do the weight thing, you can either private msg me with it and I'll do it as a surprise or just post your weights on here and I'll do a tally once everyone has posted, what do you guys think????



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can I join too please? I find if I am accountable and have an end goal in sight I might stay more focussed.

I restarted on Monday but happy to give a weight on Saturday - makes no odds, it all has to come off one way or another!

I would love to be at goal by 1st October - hubby's birthday. So far only have 2 major social events between now and then - another best mates 40th and our wedding anniversary both at beginning of Sept. I have to eat at the 40th but will try to be good, no pressure o the wedding anniv though as we can double up celebrations on the hubbys birthday (that is current thinking - will see how strong my resolve is then!)
Woohoo BB Get you with your new diary and CHALLENGE!! As if you needed to ask - I am in!! Haha xx


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oh, do you want just a starting weight on Saturday or the weeks loss - guess it makes sense just for a starting weight in case anyone joins who hasn't done a full week or even started!
Weekly loss from whenever you weigh until this Saturday please folks. ie, I will record however much I lose this week on Saturday so in effect we're sort of starting from now with the first results due on Saturday!!!!!

Good Luck! :D x


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I know it is mad, but I am kinda feeling all excited now about getting to Saturday - bit like the first time I started!
I know it is mad, but I am kinda feeling all excited now about getting to Saturday - bit like the first time I started!
Me to sammeh!!!! I have a long way to go but I think this will definitely help me and I thought if it helps me it'll help others!!! Can't wait to see everyones results on Saturday! :D xx

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