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Anyone a nurse here??


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Just a curious question???

I tried lipotrim back in October when I was working on a ward and found it much harder to deal with back then due to shifts no routine etc, etc.

I have now been promoted as an infection control nurse which is 8-4 monday - friday and have found my first week soooooo much easier due to a more structured day. (its been horrible this weekend though haha cant wait to get back to work if am honest).

I suppose its worked out best for me, but do you other shiftworking nurses find it hard??
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Im on call and can work anywhere from north to south UK to Spain at a moments notice so structuring my eating plan for the day or sometimes a week in advance can be a pain in the ass.:( x
Not a nurse though.


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Anything unstructured can be hard work but you seem to have successful results good on you.

I just cant wait for the sun to come out and it start to get warmer.........no better motivation than that :)
Im hoping im done before the summer I couldnt do with eating those soups in hot weather..Cant you do something around the house or garden to keep you occupied. Surley if you have a new job there is an elelment of extra studying to gen up on, bit of a long shot cant you bring work home:)


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Haha doubt I'd go as ar as bringing work home with me thats uneccessary, its an idea though.

I actually thought about working extra at the weekend to keep my mind off things as well as saving some/making some extra money.

Maybe thats the answer??
There ya go, then when ya done you and the fella can have a nice weekend away.


Desires to be slim....

Im not a nusre but my job requires me to travel between Ireland & Leeds or London every two weeks and i';ve not had a problem with my shakes so far. I proudly told the fit guy at airport security that the empty shaker was for Lipotrim!!!! (Hopefully he will be working when i next go over!! LOL!)
He did look at me like i was crazy tho......:rolleyes:
I tried this diet last year..I was doing shift work and found it really difficult to manage. I'm in a new job now working 9-5 and managing great.
My friend is a student nurse at Aintree Hosp and she has said that he number of nurses on this programme in her work place is unbelievable...when my mum was in hospital for 3 months, i met lots of nurses and nursing assistants who had tried or was still on this or LL.
To be honest, the nurses at the hospitals is where I first heard about this programme!


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I heard of it first time in work too.

Before I started my nurse training I was just under 9st, however I started my training and fell in love at the same time and became content. I was soooo happy but began to have trouble with my back as I put on weight, my main reason for doing this is due to my bad back :(

Like I said I did struggle more working shifts on the ward, however I am in a good place right now and in the best frame of mind to complete this :)


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I'm a nurse, I work 3 long days a week, but to be honest, I've not really struggled at all (doing cambridge diet).
its nicer:D
I think Lottie hit the nail on th head...u have got to be in a good place or the right frame of mind to complete this programme.
We must be all crackers I reckon, but the hard core sanctions, I think are worth it;)
:rotflmao: x
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hey, im a nurse, i work in the community but i also work in the evenings. Some days im working 8.30am - 11pm. I find it hard to get the time to have all my milkshakes and sometimes i only have 1 a day! I know thats really bad and im working on it but its definitely hard when you work dodgy hours! In nursing you need all the energy you can get! I also find it hard to drink enuogh water as im out in the community and i dont like using patients loo's!!
I know what you mean, I have had soooo much on in work today I only had my one shake at 8.30am then totally forgot. I had a lot on when I got home too so have only just finished my second shake. So naughty but I am keeping up with my water. I think I would faint without my water xx
Lottie make sure you have em all pet;) xx

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