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Anyone believe in the 'fat gene'


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Nope :D;)


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No, just bad habits and greed...and emotional eating!


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I do, cos I know it exists :D

It's called FTO or something...or is it FT0? Can't remember, but it's real.

It doesn't really account for why most of us got overweight though unfortunately.
I do believe there is something in our genes that dictates our weight to a degree, but I also think "fat" people (and this used to be me) use it as an excuse to not do anything about being overweight. My mum says I have the "build" my actual body structure not weight the same as my grandma (sadly never met her), so i think there is soomething but I dont agree that it should be an excuse for not doing anything about it.

I hope that makes sense.


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lol - I can see you 2 going round in circle for ages!!!!
Daisybank, please dont say you have only just twigged????


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I think some people have a propensity to gain weight 'more easily'.

In the way that alcoholics have an abusive relationship with booze, I (and I believe many other people with a 'weight problem') - have an abusive relationship with food. Like drinking to excess, this is a 'learned' behaviour : which is why many alcoholics are, I understand, the product of a home in which a parent was an alcoholic. We learn what and how to eat in childhood, and I wondered if anyone can trace their 'problem' back to a parent, grandparent, auntie etc? For example : My OH is also very overweight, and he was an indulged picky eater, as a child, as well as fed chocolate as 'a treat' by grandparents. Food is more than fuel for him.

The real bummer is that, whilst alcoholics can give up booze, we can't give up eating. Which puts into perspective the scale of achievement of people who have lost a great deal of weight and kept it off. They have mastered their addiction, and, whilst given up drinking is a great achievement, I don't imagine that too many recovering alcoholics could live with an 'you must drink, but only 2 pints a day' regime.

Any one who has never had a 'weight problem' can never know how hard it is lose it - and keep it off.

There endeth the first lesson !!!


Says it as it is!!!
Just though i'd start another debate as I'm sure we all burnt a few calories tapping into our puters over Fern;)
NO i dont believe in the fat gene; however i do believe in learned behavior i.e parents stuffin their faces and there kids with junk food...noone getting educated and it going down the line until someone decides to do something about it!

xx Cathy xx

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I'm personally from a big family (by big I mean overweight) so with losing weight and becoming the only thin one i'm getting comments like "you're not meant to be thin, its in your genes to always be big". Ok I think to a certain extent it can run in families as I was born a hefty 9lb and my sister 9lb13oz but that doesn't mean you have to carry on in the same way.

With regards to eating habits with parents etc, when I lived at home we ate because it was time to eat, it didn't matter whether we were hungry or not. Also my nan is one to pressure you as children to clear your plate. Now living with my OH he always eats when he's hungry and stops when he is full as thats the way he was taught and he comes from a thin family. After living trying to stick with his way of living (as I didn't want to appear greedy etc) I'm coming round to it and will stick by that after LT.


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I totally believe in the fat gene. When my twins were born, 20 years ago (!) my son was 5oz's less than my daughter. Both were breast fed, same amount of time, each feed, for the first six months. My daughter was by then 1.5lbs heavier than her brother! When solids were introduced he was much more interested then her, ate everything offered, where as she was less hungry. She remained heavier. Skipping forward a long way, the pattern has remained, he is a skinny boy who eats like a horse, (why have one pizza when you can have two!)She is careful with her food and struggles to keep to a size 12; I'm not saying she is an angel, of course she does eat 'naughty' things but nothing like the scale of her twin! She goes to the gym, he can't be bothered, she has a physical job he is office based. There's absolutely NO WAY that he should be as slim as he is or she should be inclined to be as cuddly as she is. But they are - so I reckon there genes must have something to do with it.

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