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Anyone CC without exercising?


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Hey, yes I am. Ended up with an achilis heal injury which left my foot to swell up after overdoing the excercie. Been off it for the last 3 weeks and I seem to have lost 4 pounds last week. So it is possible! :p
Thats a relief! Ive been doing exercise for three weeks non stop and suddenly im to lazy to do any. I just cant be bothered anymore. I'll see how it goes without exercise. Hope your foot gets better!


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I feel the appropriate level of shame for admitting this... but I don't exercise. I can't stand exercise! I hate everything about it!

Whew. Felt good to get that out in the open. :p

I used to do some pretty hardcore exercise a few years ago, during one of my many failed weight loss campaigns. Ended up running (or should I say limping?!) 10k a day. Lost numerous toenails, dodged maniac drivers and the odd random pervert, but the final straw was being attacked by a trio of rabid sheepdogs. Ahh, the joys of country living. To tell the truth, though, that was all the excuse I needed to ditch the regime. You know how you hear about the exercising high? Endorphins and feel-good factor and sheer euphoric well-being? Well, b*llocks to that. I never felt any of it!! Exercise only ever made me feel bloody exhausted.

So this time around I haven't done any at all. I go for the odd walk along the beach, which I take at a pace somewhere between that of an arthritic tortoise and a semi-frozen slug. Occasionally I have also been known to dance around the house with bodacious stylings that would put the average middle-aged dad to shame. But my postman-scaring antics are quite rare. The best (maybe the only!) workout I get is the weekly shop. I don my trainers, psych myself up, mentally visualise my assault on the aisles, then power my way in there as the doors open at 8am. By midday I have it all crammed into the fridge and I can go and gratefully collapse with a copy of Now, a bag of snackajacks popcorn, and dare I say it - a fag or two.

Just call me Waynetta Slob... ;)


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I fell into the trap of thinking if I didn't excercise, my weight loss would slow down/I'd gain. So I pushed myself too far. It took the injury to make me realise that I didn't need to overdo it to lose the weight. Instead, I try to lead a more active lifestyle like walking to the shop instead of driving. Which, to be fair, I haven't done a lot of!

I did jog round the house whilst doing housework yesterday & I am just about to embark on a brilliant cardio vascular workout.... oh yes.... SHOPPING!

Just monitor how you do without the excercise. Maybe when you reach your goal weight & feel you need to tone up a bit, do a bit of cycling but its only necessary if its right for you.


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Wow Iris, you have lost a LOAD of weight and are now VERY slim - how long did it take you? My goal weight is the same as you are now and I'm 8" shorter than you! I'm 41 though and from looking at your profile pic I'm presuming you're a tad younger?! I used to be 7 stone ish but think I would just look to scrawny at that weight now though.


wants to get super fit!
BTW I hardly do any exercise either and like you was once an exercise freak! Developed shin splints which put paid to my running and I've never returned to it! A few half hearted attempts on the rowing machine is about it...............................
Thanks girls! Now i dont feel so guilty not exercising! I'll just stick to my walking. To the shops, aroung the house, along the beach which is really relaxing. Love it!


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I love dancing and I love walking...throw in a few crunches and lunges during the TV breaks and that's it.


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Wow Iris, you have lost a LOAD of weight and are now VERY slim - how long did it take you? My goal weight is the same as you are now and I'm 8" shorter than you! I'm 41 though and from looking at your profile pic I'm presuming you're a tad younger?! I used to be 7 stone ish but think I would just look to scrawny at that weight now though.
Hi Nic, you've lost heaps too... nice work! I started seriously trying to lose it in January 2007, that was a few months after I'd finally braved a set of scales and found myself over 16.5 stone. Had my final fling with choc (so I thought) and vowed 'new year: new me.' Must have been at least 17 stone by then but I didn't have the guts to weigh! I didn't weigh at all when I was losing weight, just went by the tape measure. I stuck at it in 2007 for around 7 months, then promptly chucked it in - was going too low with my cals and didn't have the patience. Took almost a year to get my head sorted out (putting back on most of the weight!) and I started again, in earnest, in May of last year. So it's taken over 13 months to budge the 7.5 stone. The last stone has clung on for dear life, it's taken me 4 months and counting to shift it. That's what you get when you can't stand exercise, I guess!

I'm not eager to lose loads more, I just want a little cushion there, if you know what I mean, so I can relax a bit more about eating out and having a few treats and not panic too much about fluctuations.
Hey girls!

How is everyone doing? Im getting worried by this weeks weigh in. Even though i've stuck to my calorie intake, just don't like the thought of losing nothing. Feel like getting on the scales and taking a peek hehe.
Hey Iris,

Waynetta slob lmao!!

Wow you have lost so much, i am at the weight you were when you started and can't wait to say that i have lost the 6st i need to lose. I want to get to around 10st, although when i was a size 14 and around 12.5st i was the happiest with myself that i can ever remember so would be happy just to get to that size again, but even to get there is a way yet.

I have started and restarted diets over and over and the only thing that ever seems to work is CC. Guess it because you kinda get to eat whatever you want as long as you don't go over your DCA.

I go for 1200 one day 1500 the next and repeat. Apparently calorie shifting helps to lose faster. Also it helps me to think that although i am eating less one day, the next day i get to have a treat or a yummier dinner.

Worked for me before, i lost 14lbs in 4 weeks. Back on it 6 months later and i have lost 3lbs on my first week and i only counted calories 2 days, had two kebabs and a half punder bacon cheese burger!!!

I don't exercise although i am signed up with a gym!! Gonna give myself a kick up the proverbial backside today as i want to get back down there. I love the work out, it's just the 30min walk there first!! nackered before i start lol.

So heres to us and the rest of our journeys

MrsMe xXx
Just to say, you don't have to exercise to loose weight, but it can kick start and help you get the fat burnt quicker!

As fat is stored energy, you need to be using that energy. Eating properly and optional exercise is all you need to do.