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anyone doing lt with PCOS

Just woundering if anyone else has Pcos (polycystic ovary syndrome) as i have it and thats why i find all other diets so hard cos the effort i put in always shows such crap results on the scales i am hoping this one will really work and boost my weight loss and the more weight i lose the less pcos will affect me x
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i've PCOS and i'm doing fine on it :)

I've tried GI diet, but never stuck to it strictly - when i do get back onto eating after LT i will be using GI recipes a lot more i think as a good way of maintaining.

to be honest, was diagnosed 10 years ago and other than going on the pill for a couple of years , have done nothng else for it. I have been quite happy to be having extremely irregular periods and haven't suffered any bad pains in a long long time, so i may be a mild case...

My hope is the same, that PCOS will be even less of an issue when i am at goal weight :)
your weight losses are great so glad someone has had good results with this with pcos i had problem having my second child due to it and also tryed the gi diet will prob do the same and go to that when i have finished with lt thanks for your post
no problem. am also hoping the PCOS decreases as i get slimmer. although i'm single (and looking, lol) i'm 32 so i would like to give my fertility the best chance of improving if i do decide to have children in the next 5 or so years :)

have got a couple of GI recipe books and there are some really yummy things in there! i just found at the time i did it i found it expensive to do. but it did seem to be reasonably effective.
also, i expect there are lots of women here with PCOS so ther may be other threads with more peoples' experiences if you search for them :)
I'm 'blessed' with it too. I'm only on my 2nd week of LT and had my first weigh in today (-11lbs.... woo hoo) so I'm hoping that it wont affect my weight loss all that much or in the same way which has discouraged me and pushed me to crash and burn on WW/SL etc.

Good luck and I hope you do well on your journey x
crash and burn is what i did on ww and sw i just want to shift a good bulk of the weight i have your 11 lb is brill i hope i get even half that off tommorow x
Good luck for tomorrow and don't forget to post and let us know how you did, no matter how much you've lost - every single lb off is a step in the right direction so stay positive hun x


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I've got PCOS too and this diet has worked exactly the same for me as those who don't have it. I lost 43lbs in my first round on LT in 12 weeks. I took a break due to illness and am on it again. I think because I've lost weight and been given the right medication, my periods are a lot more regular and for the first time in ages I actually feel like I'm the woman I'm supposed to be. :D

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