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Anyone doing the 5:2 diet?

Discussion in 'General Weight Loss Discussion' started by chubbycheeks7, 14 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. chubbycheeks7

    chubbycheeks7 Member

    I read about this yesterday and thought its worth a try - eat only 500 calories 2 days a week and whatever you like the other 5 days.

    Trouble is I think I'd eat too much on the 5 days to lose weight so I'll think of it as aiming for 2000 calories those days.

    Anyone else giving it a go? x
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  3. Levin

    Levin Active Member

    I'm doing it, had my first fast day yesterday, found it quite easy really, today I didnt eat that much as my brain is learning that hungry is okay!
  4. foddier

    foddier Member

    5:2 diet

    I started 2 days ago too ... doing Mon, wed and Friday... husband said face thinner already. I think he's just being nice...are you hungry /
  5. Kingly

    Kingly Well-Known Member

    I still have such an appetite i'd struggle to keep to 500 a day I think! Only just started proper dieting and my appetite is coming down a bit.
  6. foddier

    foddier Member

    I'm on my 2nd fast day....feeling good but finding 500 cals quite a struggle to keep to. Celery sticks help a bit . Any other ideas ?
  7. chubbycheeks7

    chubbycheeks7 Member

    Celery sticks good, and lots of cups of tea!

    I started Monday with a 500 cal day and it was easier than I thought it would be, sure thats cos I knew i'd be able to eat more the next day. Then Tuesday and today I've just eaten 3 meals and the odd snack. Was gonna count 2000 cals but thought i might get hung up on it and actually think ive eaten less than i would normally. Tommorrow is my 2nd 500 cal day, hope i can stick it out.

    Good luck everyone :)
  8. Levin

    Levin Active Member

    tomorrow is my second 500 day too! porridge tubs locked and loaded :)
    Ive been counting cals:
    Mon 500
    tues 1700

    I think something has switched in my brain honestly, good news!
  9. foddier

    foddier Member

    I've now done only 2 fasts and feel better already.... won't weigh till after the 3rd tomorrow but hopeful .
    What are the porridge tubs about ???
  10. chubbycheeks7

    chubbycheeks7 Member

    Great, you sound really positive levin and foddier, keep it going :)

    I havent tried porridge tubs yet either but gonna look next time i'm shopping, like the sachets though, taste lovely with 1% milk.

    Ive had all my 500 cals for today now, its 6pm so got to see the evening out with nothing but a cup of tea but feeling OK, lets do this peeps! x
  11. Levin

    Levin Active Member

    they are like the sachets but you add water to the line, lots available but I love the Alpen fruit and nuts one. I got them purely as its easy to count calories with them, from 190-240 each so have two and youre done :)

    today though I had 3 coffees all day and kept pushing my eating later and later, finally realised the other half of the pasta bake I made yesterday (and was gonna have tomorrow) was 500cals so Ive just eaten that at 7pm.

    Feel great though, being hungry is okay because I can eat whatever tomorrow, strangely still not pigging out on UD's though, Im sure to do that soon!
  12. foddier

    foddier Member

    Bad choice this morning....( 3rd fast day). Thick snow and I had grapefruit and kiwi !!
    One of those porridge tubs would have felt much better.
    We can do this together knowing others are going through it and I have read that it gets easier as one gets used to the calorie values of things... my little book is getting a lot of use this week.
    A large mug of hot water with a slice of lemon and fresh ginger is my latest "free food"...it'll warm me up after that grapefruit !
  13. Levin

    Levin Active Member

    Lemon and ginger hot water sounds amazing!

    this will be my first weekend since starting and even though Im not fasting til Monday (do Mon Thurs) Im worried I'll just crack open the wine and sit about eating crisps and pastries! I might not weigh myself until Friday morning (post DD) - a Friday weigh-in (with a loss!) might boost me for the weekend and stop me from going overboard.

    Im glad we are all quite new to this on this thread - nice to share the ex0perience and think aloud with you all :)

    good luch for your weigh-in tomorrow foddier! please ket us know!
  14. Levin

    Levin Active Member

    Oh and my 5:2 book (Moseley) has arrived! weekend reading sorted.
  15. foddier

    foddier Member

    Do let us know after the weekend if the book is worth getting. All the info I have is from The Sunday Times and related articles online.
    Enjoy your w/end... have a glass of wine , just not a whole bottle at one sitting !
  16. Levin

    Levin Active Member

    The book is very useful as I dont know a lot of stuff about dieting, this is the first time Ive ever counted calories for example. I like that it has more on the science and the 'how to' of 5:2 and lots of testemonials for inspiration. Because 5:2 is such a simple idea and ultimately flexible you might not need to get it. it does however seem to favour not eating at all for as long as possible to actually 'fast' rather than go low on calorie intake. Say you stop eating at 8, your fast wont really start until about 11pm or midnight, you would then need to go as many hours as you can with a zero calorie intake (so eating your 500 cals at say 6pm would give you an 18hr fast). They do stress flexibility though, what you cant stick to will never work for you. If nothing else the 4000 or so calories not eaten during the week should result in about a pound a week loss. It also talks about GI and GL a little bit. Things I know nothing about but I get the gist to avoid sugar spikes.

    How are you all getting on foddier and Chubbycheeks? This being my second week I'm hoping my Friday weigh-in will be a good one!
  17. foddier

    foddier Member

    At the end of week one and 3 fast days I'd put on 1 1/2 lbs !!!!!
    Very disheartening to put it mildly .
    I can only think that , although i was sticking to 500 cals on the 3 days I did, I was having them in 3 meals and a couple of snacks ...ie dieting rather than fasting .
    So today I'm doing 2 meals , no snacks and as near 12 hours between meals as I can... will do this 2 or 3 times this week and see if things improve ... they'd better !!!
    How did you all do ?
  18. foddier

    foddier Member

    How was the weigh-in Levin ?
    I'm at the end of week 2 and feel better but scared of weighing and being disappointed again !
    I feel better so maybe I'll stick with the "feel good factor " for now
  19. Levin

    Levin Active Member

    Hi Foddier

    weigh in was amazing! seven pounds in two weeks! might stick to a two week weigh in for a bigger spur!

    Im glad you feel better - I feel good too - the best bit being I'm just not that hungry on up days even - I eat dont get me wrong but I just dont want as much as I used to think I needed.

    nothing wrong with not weighing at all mind you - if you feel better you will soon look better. I read on here a lot of people judge by clothes alone - they just get looser. Im looking forward to that as my clothes arent loose but do fit okay these days :)
  20. chubbycheeks7

    chubbycheeks7 Member

    I stayed the same this week, think i must have eaten too much on normal days. Been a bit more careful last couple of days so hoping for some progress on Tuesday x
  21. foddier

    foddier Member

    Plucked up the courage and weighed.... 4lbs lost in 11days so well pleased with that.
    It certainly gets easier as I get used to what makes up the 500 cals on fast days without spending ages in calculations.
    At the moment doing Mon, Wed and Friday each week works for me .... but will go to 2 days a week if I have to.
    40th wedding anniversary coming up in May.... so that's what i'm aiming at !
    Lets all have a good w/end

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