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Anyone else doing Atkins and hiding in the dc section?

Hi saraian24! How are you? Frances directed me to you as I've just started Atkins today. Actually just talking to my room mate and he invited me to a thanksgiving do that I can't get out of, as I agreed to go before, so I'll be starting on Saturday (or Friday if I can do it with a hangover!)

So how are you getting on? I'm really hoping this might work for me. I need to lose a noticeable amount of weight by the time I go back to Ireland for Christmas, which will be 17 days after I start. I'm around 14.5 stone, and 5'6. Then I'll break for Christmas and new year, and then get back into it with a vengeance. Think Atkins might be the one for me as I'm an absolute carb addict, and not so into protein that I stuff myself with it.

What are your stats? How much do you want to lose? What do you think is the rate of loss on Atkins? Hope you're getting on great! :)



Fat busting crime fighter
count me in. I cant afford the cd plan right now as hubby got made redundant.
People will no doubt chip in and say Id spend the smae amount on atkins allowables as I would on CD but thats not true. Bacon bits from asda cost 1.50 a pack and lasts 3 days and eggs are fairly cheap. Supermarket own brand cream cheese is good value and I can live off tins of tuna and chicken thighs with salad at no extra cost to the family budget as they eat that stuff anyway.
So ill start with you :)
Hi Chunka Malunka! When are you planning to start? As I said, it's Friday or Saturday for me. Really need to lose as much weight as possible in the 18 days I have before I go home from then...have piled on so much weight in the last two years, it's embarrassing. There's definitely a lot of water weight from failed stints doing lipotrim so at least that should go quickly. What are your stats? Have you done Atkins before? x


Fat busting crime fighter
never done it before but will cope as Ive lost a stone on CD which made me carb free so I dont miss bread/pasta/pots etc.
So Im calorie counting on atkins...weird I know but Im allowing myself 1000 calories on 20 net carbs. Easy peasy as i love boiled egges, bacon, salmon, salady things :)
good luck chick and remember - lots of water :)

Kirsty x