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Anyone else experienced this?

Good Afternoon Everyone.

:confused:This is now my second day on the bars, shakes & soups, all of which I am finding quite enjoyable and filling, but each time I have one I seem to get a bit of a hot flush including rosey cheeks & my heart starts racing. This only lasts for about 10 minutes each time but not sure if it should be happening at all. Anyone else experienced this. I am also getting a bit af a gurgling going on in the tummy region but apparently this is to be expected.
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I've not experienced those symptoms at all. For some people it can be normal to feel flushed after eating hot or spicy food stuffs, though if this is the first time it's happened to you I'd be concerned.

To be honest, I strongly urge you to check in with your GP about your symptoms, because it could be lots of things depending on your previous and current medical history; for starters there are quite a few drugs that can cause these symptoms, and uncommonly they can also occur with some food additives.

If you've had previous gastric surgery it could be gastric dumping syndrome, but this should be a diagnosis your own doctor makes after excluding other potential, more serous causes.


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I sometimes get the hot flush (I find this happens if I go too Long between packs) but not the heart racing issue? I would go to the docs too if it keeps happening just to be on the safe side ;)


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I'd keep an eye on it, I know it sounds silly but try not to think about it because you can actually make it happen by thinking it will.

I used to get a fluterry heart while i was eating in the evening, don't know why, never in the day. In the evenings I had started to drea eating because I was scared of what would happen, then I'm make my heart going funny by having a very mild panic attack, so this is why I urge you not to think about it.

If it does happen, then just take some big deep breaths, in and out slowly, and remaining calm and you'll find it will pass. Also when you're drinking your shake, remember to breathe, I know that sounds silly, but sometimes we hold our breath when we eat, and don't realize we're doing it.

I think I did read somewhere on here that someone did have a bit of a palpitation but it soon stopped. :)
It's possible that the high concentration of vitamins and minerals and protein in the shakes and bars is giving you that 'rush'. However heart palpitations could be a warning sign so don't ignore them! If in doubt see your doc and have your blood pressure taken.
Thanks everyone for all your replies.

Things seem to have calmed down now that I have been on the diet a few days (day 4 almost over & already 6lbs down!!!)

I will definately take all your advice on board and monitor it to see if it happens again and then get it checked out.

Its so nice to find not only lots of sympathy on this site but as we are all going through the same struggles we can actually empathise with each other too - and thats what makes all the difference. My husband knows how unhappy I am with my weight & how I look, but he has never had a weight
problem or any food issues, so no matter how hard he tries he just doesn't get it !

I suppose what i am really trying to say is that it just nice to be able to come on here & have a good old whinge, and know that not only is someone listening but the advice they give is sound because it is mostly from experience.

So thanks to everyone so far, and wishing you all a fantastic loss this week!!

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It's not whinging - it's being able to say what you feel - it's much better to do this than keep it all bottled up. I think the support on here is fabulous - there's no competition and everyone knows how you feel as they have all felt it too at some stage.

Carry on whinging (could be a good film?????) :)

Good luck with this journey we're on - we can do it! Look forward to your first weigh in - my first one is tomorrow and I'm quite excited. No matter how much or little I'll have lost, I know I will have lost which will make me feel great :)
Thanks Farwin & crazymama5,

Another side effect has started to rear its head - I have had the best week of sleep I can remember.

Anyone else experiencing this!

Farwin - good luck with your weigh in tomorrow and don't forget to post you results!
I've slept better the last two nights but that's because my son hasn't got up :) He's 11 and has hardly ever slept through the night - he used to sleepwalk a lot and then got into the habit of waking up every night:( He started high school on Tuesday which means he has to be up to leave the house at 7.30am and doesn't get home until just before 5pm. He's shattered so has slept like the dead for the past 2 nights - I'm hoping it will continue :)

Really looking forward to my weigh in - will post first thing in the morning.

Good luck anyone else who has a weigh in tomorrow - fingers crossed :)
I had hot flushes the first week too but they died down after a few days :)
Oooohhhh!! Hot flushes! Will have to keep an eye out for that.....Maybe it is just the combination or really good vitamins and minerals!

J x


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Sometimes the rush of the vits and minerals can cause this, so drink plenty of water, it helps :)

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