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Anyone else find that SW helps them save money?

there are a few threads around about how expensive SW is, I do agree that shopping for healthy food can be more expensive than junk food but has anyone else noticed how much longer their cash stays in their purse? Now that I am no longer popping into starbucks at every opportunity, not stopping at the garage for crisps/sandwiches/chocolate, not going through the drive thrus and not ordering take away I am amazed at how much money I am SAVING!
I don't think my supermarket shops have changed all that significantly the only difference is now I am actually eating that food not letting it go off in the fridge while I pig out on junk!
Is it only me? :confused:
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I think its a bit of both tbh. My weekly shop as gone up as theres more fresh fruit and veg etc. But i dont spend as much on pop crisps sweets takeaways etc. So it does balance out over all.

I think it depends on what you were like before. Im sure for some people it might not be the same as they might not have had all the takeaways etc that i did!
I definitely spend less. No Starbucks, takeaways, junk from the corner shop and endless meals out. Good for my waistline and good for my pocket!


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My overall food bill has gone up a little since starting SW, because i'm generally eating a lot of fruit as snacks (and for breakfast). On the other hand, my food bill for 'main' meals has dropped significantly where I'd previously been buying a lot of ready made things and takeaways (e.g. supermarket sandwiches for lunch and at one point last year i'd probably been spending £30+ a week just on chinese/indian/pizza takeouts :eek: )

So now more than half my food bill at the moment goes directly on fruit & veg. Luckily I've got a small independent greengrocer around the corner who sells stuff for half the price of supermarkets, otherwise I think my food bills would have rocketed!

Even so, £5 worth of fruit doesn't go far with me. Yesterday morning I bought a few bananas, apples, grapes and strawberries - those will definitely all be gone by this evening :)
phew, I'm glad it isn't only me! I always had bought a lot of fruit (not quite so much as now!) but I had always thrown a lot away as well. I tend to look for the bargains when it comes to treaty fruit like strawberries, cherries, pineapple etc. there is always something on offer and choosing it that way helps me keep it varied.
I won SOTW on Thursday so came home with a big bag of fruit but I haven't delved into it yet.....I always suspect it is the dregs of people's fruit bowls but that's a bit mean of me really; I always take a piece of fruit that I would happily eat so why shouldn't I believe the same of everyone else!
I think, like the plan itself, it's a balance. I've spent £32 this week on fresh fruit and vegetables for myself and hubby which is shocking. However, I find that planning our meals out at least a week in advance saves us a hell of a lot of money because there's no waste and no last minute caving and ordering a takeaway. In reality I'm probably not spending any more than I did before on food, I'm just spending the same amount in a different way.

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