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Anyone else forget their dieting and nearly eat!?

New here and only on day 6 (weigh in tomorrow!) Have managed 100% so far.:D

I have found myself nearly eating things because I forgot I was dieting:eek:. Yesterday I picked up a pear and was just about to eat it - luckily remembered just in time! Also my husband saves things for me as he forgets also - like a plate of chips when i got in late Friday:rolleyes:.

I guess its a good thing to forget in some ways. Glad I remembered in time, I would of been mortified had I broke my diet by being so forgetful:eek:.

Anyone else done that?
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i find when people offer me things i reach for them due to habit without saying 'no thanks' ha. i've nearly done it a couple of times because i forget i'm abstaining :D

abz xx


Step away from the chips!
Haven't forgotten with food so much but i dont know how many cuppas have gone down the drain because i've forgotten i "take it black now" :rolleyes: lol
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Hi and welcome, and yes I have nearly done that too, it's sooo instinctive!

Let us know how you get on at your weigh in and well done for completing your first week.



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Oh gosh yes! I've scoffed a mini meat pie that way.

A lifetime of habit takes some 'unlearning'! xx
Only on day 4, but the temptation to pick whilst I am cooking is terrible. I have to keep reminding myself. I can't believe how much I must have put into my mouth subconsciously before this diet, no wonder I am the size I am!!!


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Oh yes. I was only a few days into the diet & my son came home with some Space Dust ( crackling candy) I remembered it from being a kid & when he asked if I wanted to try some I said yes, He poured some onto my hand and just before t got to my mouth I remembered!! It was sooooo close lol!! haven't done it since though x
Yes! Especially if I am a bit bored. I realise now most of my eating was done because I couldn't think of something else to do!!
I realised the bits and pieces I used to nibble on REALLY must have added up. Corners of cheese, broken biscuits and the good old favourite, kids unwanted sandwiches etc.......endless lol!!
Not on this diet, but when I did a yeast free diet I was at a meeting and had bit into a buscuit and realised what I had done, couldnt spit it out without causing a scene so I just had the one bite LOL.