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Anyone else have 10+ stone to lose?

I got on the scales this morning to find myself a hideous 22st 5lbs.I cant quite belive i am at this weight again but here i am.I have been this big before,3 yrs ago and i lost 7st though SW.I swore after all the hard work it took in the gym and healthy eating i would never gain the weight back.I am so angry with myself.BUT new year new start.I am joining the online SW membership tomorrow.I think its pretty pricey(same a going to group) but if it means i be motivated and use the online tools it should be worth it.I decided not to go back to a group as i have been to a few different ones and as i always start off well but then when i have a gain i dont like going back! Stupid i know,but as i always go on my own to group i dont suppose i have the incentive to go back and nobody nagging me either.My friends are all slim!

Anyone out there have a lot to lose like me?
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Plodding on.......
Hi lot2lose,

I KNOW there are plenty of people here like you (having been here for a few months). Wow - a loss of 7 stone in the past. That means that you have the determination to do this so having done it before, you can do it again I'm sure. You will find plenty of inspirational stories here and plenty of advice and support so keep posting. Don't look at it as 10 stone + though, take it small step at a time. I have never looked at what I had to lose in total (because I couldn't face it when I started) but now suddenly it doesn't seem that much. I aim only for each half stone at a time.

I'm sure you won't regret the cost of body optimise - I know it's expensive but if it does the trick then it's worth it. I haven't regretted a single penny of mine. I never ever would have gone to a group to start with (for my own reasons) but I love body optimise.

Good luck and if you're keen and posting, come and join us on the 'Sunday weighers' thread.

Gail x


rainbows holiday buddy :)
yeah i have around 10 stone to lose! :(

i'm setting it in smaller targets though. i'm hoping to lose 2 stone by easter, then set another target. i've been with SW on and off over the years, but have only ever managed to lose almost 3 stone only to put it all back on. one of the reasons i've put it all back on is that when i have a gain i skip class thinking i can lose it for the following week. when i don't lose i tend to skip class again, telling myself i'll sort it in time for the following week. then i end up gaining a stone or 2 and rejoining a few months later! well not this time...i gave myself 5 days off plan over christmas and gained 6lbs, but went to weigh-in and felt better for going to class. i hope it's a hurdle that i've managed to overcome.

here's to a GREAT loss ;)


Mens sana in corpore sano
Thanks for your support ladies.I have juat got one of my daughters to take mug shots of me from the side,back and front.I have uploaded them onto my pc and put them in a file where hopefully nobody will see them! They are really bad but it needed to be done.I want to compare myself to them when i have shed some of these stones!
Yes, I've lost lots before but it's all gone back on. Starting tommorow and joining group with Hubby on Monday.

Tbh-I probably have around 11 st to lose!

Good Luck,

Having a bit of a panic here.

Weighing in at a new group tomorrow. How high do the scales go?

Thinking I'm around the 24 st mark.

Anyone know if the scales will go that far?


Great idea for the mug shots- will ask Hubby if he will do the same today.



Plodding on.......
Hi Lucia,

I'm pretty certain that they will but I'll wait for someone here to confirm that. I have seen plenty of people around here that weight and more. It will come off but be patient and you will make it.

Good luck tomorrow and well done for making the commitment.

Welcome to minimins.

Gail x


Pea on legs!
Hi there lot2lose and Lucia - we have a team called 'Queen Size to Princess' in the team area, where lots of us have a lot to lose (generally over 6 stone...) We're always happy to greet new princesses, so feel free to join us over there for some support and advice, inspiration and the odd giggle!

Good luck on your SW journey!
Hi lot2lose. I have a lot still to lose and joined sw a week ago. good luck hun! stick around, these boards are full of inspiration an dgreat people to help you along the way :)
Well done on beginning your journey lot2lose. You will find wonderful support here and this time next year you will look amazing!

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