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Anyone else have a Stupid Dog?


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My Whippet X

(please note this is all in good humour!)

She's a pain in the ass half the time! Demanding attention! " Stroke me stroke me" wag wag wag. Honestly I could be there for an hour stroking her and it's never enough! Her tail beats against tables knocking over glasses and cups when she's excited, just cause you leaned over the table to get the remote!! "oh oh" she wags "what's Mummy doing" wag wag CRASH! Honestly I have had to stock up on glasses which I hid in the shed to replace her weekly breakages! She could never work in a pub this dog!!

She's stupid too! Gets excited and doesnt look where's she is going especially if I have the ball launcher in my hand! Walking backwards in front of me saying "come
One mummy throw it throw it" then trips up on a branch or rock! But still gets back up into her faithful pose in front of me, again saying "throw the ball mummy" wag wag wag until she falls again!

1000's of throws of the ball are not enough! I swear if I didn't stop she would do it till she keiled over!!!

She sniffs holes and gets stuck...
She does a cheeky fart and looks around the room in shock with the expression of "who was that!?!"

She takes food off a plate on the table, when i am in another room and brings to to me! puts it on the floor, looks at me and says.. " can i have it, its on the floor! see!" Like i didnt know! once i went to the toilet just after i cooked 4 crumpets topped with lashes of butter and brie (pre diet! ;-) leaving them on the table (silly me!) i came back she had scoffed the lot without even moving the plate! there wasnt even a crumb!

She follows me everywhere and anywhere! i bet if i walked off a cliff she would follow!!

Silly doggie!

But I do adore her!! She is loyal and loving. Well behaved and funny! She makes me Smile and always loves me!

and wouldn't change her for the world!

What about you guys?
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I don't have a stupid dog but I'll swap for a dopey cat if you want? lol

I have a blanket on top of the coffee table/trunk in the middle of my living room because she's decided she likes lying on top of it so the blanket makes it easier for me to keep it clean and cat claw scratch free. The number of times I've had tears streaming down my face when she's jumped from the sofa to the coffee table with such velocity that the blanket keeps going and she flies straight off the other side. Then glares at me as if its all my fault and how dare I laugh at her hahahahaha


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LOL Poppy... your whippet sounds awesome!!

I have a beautiful, loving, adorable but slightly demented cocker spaniel. She is the dog version of myself!!!

Her latest trick was stealing a chicken carcass out of the bin whist we were out. She chewed on some of it ( I know!! OMG LOL) and hid the rest. When we got home we had no idea she'd done this until....

that night when hubby wondered what the hell was under his pillow! Half a chicken carcass had been carefully hidden there!!!


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Aww Bless,

Duke or Dufuss as hes known to his friends lol is stupid aswel. he's a 6 year old boxer.

to begin with hes a complete an utter pig! his favorite food being egg shells! hes loves them cant get enough of them gets them out of the bin with out getting anything else out! and his other favorite thing to eat is..... fluff !! you cant empty to fluff catcher in the tumble dryer whilst hes around, the stupid dog.

he used to play a game with my niece where she would hide (in the same place every time) shout his name and off he'd trott and go looking for her, he never once found her, not once. she hid in the same place every time and would jump out and surprise him with a big fuss. most dogs whilst sniffing things out (food included) do so by putting their nose down to the ground well not my Dufuss his nose is up in the air sniffing away.. whilst we are pointing to object (dropped biscuit normally lol) he can have. 9 times out of 10 we have to pick it up and give it to him because the fool cant sniff it out be a different story though i guess if it was egg shells!


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LOL begghead... Dufuss sounds hilarious!

I love dogs, just because they're all so daft!!
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I have an incredibly stupid doggy. He is called Rufus and a great dane/retriever. He has done many many dim things two of my favorite is when he ran into the conservatory door thinking it was open! which would have been understandable if the door wasn't covered in condensation. The other thing which proved how stupid he is was when we got a how clever is your dog book, one of the tests is to put your dog under a sheet and time how long it takes them to get out. Rufus went under the sheet had a short panic to get out! then just sat there 10 mins later we had to get him out the sheet. :) He is very loving tho and i wouldn't change him for anything!
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our pom holly is so bad her nickname is einstien!!
she is the goofyist dog, even the other dogs get fed up with her


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I don't have one myself (yet) but I have a friend who's got a husky. He's not really treated as well as he should be, cooped up inside and expected to behave, so he comes across as super dumb. Couldn't take an order to save his life, and is incredibly willful and goofy.
I have a dog that feigns stupidity but is all the time plotting to take over the house!

I've re named him spider dog because he can climb our six foot wall and just hangs there looking over the top, he uses my husband to look over the wall as well lol I think he is trying to plot his escape!

He can open all of the doors in the house, he opens cupboards. But best of all when your going out or it's bedtime and he doesn't want to go he gives you sad eyes and rolls on his back wagging his tail and licks your hands because he doesn't want to go in the kitchen!

I think he knows I'm pregnant as well he is a lot more gentle with me, he used to run at me and bounce up and down scratching at my tummy for kisses but now he puts his paws on my knees and sniffs my stomach :D

He's half springer half lab btw lol

X x x


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My cavalier king Charles spaniel is crazy!!! My hubby is convinced there's something "missing". She has sooo many stunts don't really know where to start.......latest s the evening mad half hour where she charges round the house - even have to open the lounge door so she can have a run up!! She follows me everywhere, even to the loo (no privacy here) where she likes to leap at the toilet roll and eat tissue paper!!

She loves pulling socks off feet and "killing" the socks by shaking.......in fact she likes shaking everything to death even her dog treats!

She is also the only dog i have ever seen that lays on her back to play with her toys - them in her paws.......really cute xxxxxxx
he he he, this made me laugh! Imagine all your troubles, but multiplied by ten times and you get my stupid St Berdard!! There aren't enough cuddles in the world, the slobbers over things, sheds hair by the kilo, knocks everything over, (even the tv once) and when she farts, jeeeze, you never smelled anything like it in your life!!! I swear she has no brain at times. However - I love her, I adore her, I worship her and wouldn't be without her. Glutton for punishment I do believe I am :) :) :)


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I would love to say my handsome terrier mixture Zac is far superior to your stupid dogs but then I'm reminded that this is the dog that during our agility training session this week went into the tunnel and then decided to stop in the middle and have a little nap, much to the amusement of the rest of the club!


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We have a dopey dog, he sits watching the fish and when one comes near him he tries to eat it, or if it swims to the left of the tank he spends the next five mins looking on the left side of the room for it lol glad I'm not the only one with a windy dog flaming heck he can clear a room plus he sounds like a human fartingwell loud lol
My dog's a pure and simple inbred farm collie, who was £32 out the local paper.... She's not quite all there, and her tongue is far too big for her mouth too, there's always a bit sticking out, which doesn't help her to look any more intelligent..! Absolutely love the damn thing though, wouldn't change her for the world!

She's called Maggie

And runs about chasing shadows, the light reflection off a watch, goes mad when you get kitchen foil out, for the sound..? I dont know... I taught her to dance though, when she's about to get a biscuit, she'll give her paw, then her other paw, then back to her first... :D

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I am the proud owner of a dopey foxhound, he is the most precious thing in the world (and when I say that I mean he has to sleep on the bed in the best position otherwise he gets a bit miffed - Hubby has even slept on the sofa to make sure he has enough room. The best thing about him is his wind - he is a frequent source of amusement to us as he sits down, farts and then spends ages looking for who is was......he is 4 and still has no idea that the noise is emanating from his nether regions........he is treated well in our house because he came from rescue and had six homes before he got to us
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All your post have left me in tears- I love stupid dog and with one of my own I can just picture It all.
i have a boarder terrier and he is behind stupid. If it rains he won't wee ALL day because he doesn't want to get wet. Climbs over people like their climbing frames thinks he's "people" so uses his paws like hands. And when we are out for walks will starts fights with the big horses like dogs (like he'd win!)
Most loving thing in the world though, let's my girls drag him round like a doll but will guard your bed if you're ill.

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