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Total Solution Anyone else have over 100lbs to lose?

Evening all, it's late and i can't sleep. Combination of drinking too much water before bed, feeling a bit hungry and stressing about how much i have to lose.
Seems i have 123lbs to lose and i bet it's not as easy as one, two, three!!
I have set mini goals but it seems such a mountain to climb. Sigh.
Wishing for a good result on my first WI tues to spur me on.
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Thanks starlight :)


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Hey I can't see your weight details hun cos I'm on my phone but I started at 305 and wanna get to 140 so I have to lose over half my body weight! It's difficult to see an end for sure but I'm looking at it as a no choice situation, we need to be slimmer and this is pretty much the fastest way to do it. Small goals are good though, I'm aiming for 4 lbs down at my next weigh in :) xx
Hi jenniec,
I am starting at 291 and need to get down to around 168. I think you and others are right i must focus on the mini goals and stay positive.
This is why i couldn't do this on WW. To watch 1/2 pounds a week come off seems torturously slow and i would be disheartened every week because the overall target is soooo huge.
I think once i have the first WI tomorrow and i get some numbers down on paper i will feel encouraged week by week.

Have a good day x
Hi, I started at 280, am now 270, but want to get to 140. It does seem like a long time, but then I think about how long it took me to put all this weight on, I realise its obviously going to take a little while to come back off. I know what you mean about the 1/2lb a week being torture. At that rate it would take me 280weeks to get to goal! At least with Exante I can see light at the end of the tunnel, and it seems achievable. Have you set up a ticker yet? It does spur me on to see the numbers dropping. Good Luck with your weight loss journey. I'll be beside you on the way! xxx
You can definitely do it :) I'm sure you'll see the results of your hard work when you WI!

I started at 260 and I'm aiming to get to around 120lbs ish so aiming to lose 140lbs ish.


Sensibly losing :)
Hello, I have lost over 100lb myself so its Deffo possible! Must add not on this diet tho, it came off much more slowly and more boringly.... and back on and off again through various diets! I reckon I must have lost the same 30lb about 8 times over.... the great thing with these diets is that it comes off so quickly.. when I began LT all I thought of was how I should have done it when I was 18 and not 33 and really enjoyed life n not wasted so many years hiding under clothes! :. I lost 2 stone on LT in a few weeks n had to stop for an operation on Friday... I plan on doing exante when my body has healed so hope to get to know u all more then! X my advice is CERTAINLY achievable, this diet will see it absolutely fly off unlike any other diet can! Go for it :) xx


really trying again!
It's definitely possible honey and small goals are the way forward. I started at 20.10 and want to be near 10 stone so I have over half my body weight to lose. Started on 30th Jan and already down by almost 4 stone so the target is moving within reach. You can do it- just don't focus on how much you have to lose- just small amounts and celebrate each loss xx
Thanks Lady gaga, Donna and angelcake really encouraging. Am going to have another read of thread in a minute to get me in the right frame of mind for the day!
Hi Gemma, thanks for your post - I have set up a ticker thingy....how does it update?

You click on it & edit the information after each weigh in. xxx
Fab thank you....will have a go tomorrow after WI X


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Hiya, you can do this :) I started Exante in October, and couldn't face setting my goal as all the way to a healthy weight, as it just seemed too far to go. I've now lost just over 100lbs and reached overweight last week... so am now trying to lose the next bit and get all the way to my ultimate goal. Like you I wanted to get some lost quite quickly, partly to help myself believe I really could do this.
As the others have said, set yourself some goals along the way,... things like the next clothes size, the next starting number for your stones... whatever it is that helps you to stay focused!
Good luck with it, this diet really can help you achieve those goals!
I have nearly 100lbs to lose, I'm a new starter so will be with you all the way! xxx


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Hiya I started at having 107 to lose and just one week later am under the 100 mark :)

Yes it is a lot to lose but focus on the journey. Each week will bring it's own rewards and there is nothing better than going down a dress size.

Your ultimate goal is just the icing on the cake :party0011:


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Like everyone else has take it one step at a time, I'm the worst person for letting the bigger picture put me off!

Stick with it and you will see results faster then you think! but don't set your goals too high or your just setting yourself up for dissapointment!
I'm starting at 290 and want to get down to 133.....seems impossible if I think of the 157lbs I've got to lose, I mean that's a whole person!
So I'm taking it a lb at a time and I'll get there eventually and so will you :D
HUGE thanks for all your encouragement. Feel much less alone on this journey now :)

Chrissy xxx
Me! I Do! Well I did... needed to lose 123lbs, already lost 46, so 77 to go! good luck, it is worth doing and works! x

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