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anyone else have those days...

Care Bear xxx

on a slimming mission!
Where you just cant see the woods for the trees??? Im having one of those days today - i feel like im doing things wrong on me diet, i cant think what to eat and end up eating the same things all the time! And im sure thats why im so tired all the time - my diet seems to be taking over! arggggh!!!!
Just needed a rant!
Thanks xxx
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Yummy Mummy! xx

Today all I have had is a yoghurt becuase I still havent decided what day I am having so dont want to use my HEX's incase I need them for dinner (no idea what to have). Deciding whether I should go on the wii for an hour when daughter is taking a nap or finishing my essay which needs to be done!!!

I really need to start to PLan PLan PLan!!!


Gold Member
right CB!!

focus and planning thats what you need!

Think of your ultimate goals - where do you want to be in 1 month, 6 months, a year...? Focus on that goal/goals!

Then plan - what are you menus over the next 2/3 days - for meal inspiration check food diarys, SW magazines and recipe books - or the online resource for some recipe ideas!

Refocus and you can do it - you are doing SUPERBLY! and just need to get some variety back in the plan by the sounds of it!

Good luck my little bear xxx Lots of Love x EB x
Ive had about a month of those days! Therefore my weight has stayed the same :( But at least its not a gain! This week i've made a plan on the computer of what i'm going to eat for dinner and lunch every day, and that seems to be really helping! Try it out :) I write down everything I eat that day as well so it's easier to work out my syns and Hexs etc. Good luck! xxx


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I really do agree that planning is the answer....I had a stressful day yesterday as my son had 3 seizures and I didnt get time to plan my meals for this week and go shopping. Got up this morning in a total tizz not knowing what to have today at all. luckily I had a few bits knocking round in the fridge for breakfast and lunch, and I have planned for the week this morning and just been and done the shop...I think we all have these moments care bear its just motivating our selves to get out the other side! Can you set yourself an achievable mini goal?

Care Bear xxx

on a slimming mission!
Thanks guys, its nice to know its not just me!
Weird thing is that I am one of those weird "listomaniacs" I make list upon list, rota upon rota - trouble is - I never blinking stick to it!!!
Im going to REALLY try this week - were going shopping after work so im going to spend my afternoon (its a wonder i ever actually get any work done, im either on here or writing lists!!!) planning my meals for the week

Thanks guys, it helps to have a moan and to know youre not the only one that gets a bit struggly from time to time!

Yep - I find that I am much better when I know what meals I am planning on for the week, really does help!

Also - you say about not varying your diet, I would say to definatly try some new dishes then, it should help with your loss & tiredness :)
Hey, I have days like this all the time! In terms of food, I get very bored very quickly with the same meals so I pick 7 different meals every week from SW recipe books/magazines so then I have new and exciting things to look forward to and I know I have all the ingredients to make them.

All I do is look at my list of planned meals in the morning, pick which one I want that night and then plan my day around that. Means I'm eating things I would normally never consider and my diet never gets boring! Takes time to plan but worth it!

Care Bear xxx

on a slimming mission!
Awesome idea Miffy - thanks for that!

You're very welcome! I have the advantage of 6 years worth of SW magazine recipes that I collected and put in a folder (yes I'm a recipe geek) so in theory, I should have different meals each week for quite a while!
Try something new for breakfast too- set your mind up right for the day! If you start the day thinking, oh god, not this old crap again, youre more likely to slip!
Today for breakfast I had 2 slices of toast (400g loaf) with 57g medium fat soft cheese, then a huge fruit salad with pineapple, mango, strawberry and passionfruit, and a dollop of Total 0% (non fat strained greek yoghurt) mixed with splenda and vanilla extract. Get to the greengrocers and get some exciting fruit!!
For lunch I'm going to have a huge jacket potato (green day!) with 1 tbsp tzatziki (0.5 syn) and 1tbsp quark, fresh tomatoes and red peppers, and lots of salt and pepper, and a salad on the side with fat free vinaigrette :)

Just some ideas for next week! If you like we can swap recipes so we both have something new to try! :) xxx

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