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Anyone else home based during the day?


taking it 1 day at a time
I know what you mean. I work at home and look after my 5 kids too so there's plenty of distractions of the goody kind around. If I'm in the right mindset I'm fine but when I'm not.............. hence the numerous restarts this year.
W ishingyou all the best in controlling those naughty urges, :-/


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Im home based through the week and work full time over the weekends. It is difficult as i have a 4 year old daughter and she has a wee treat box. Im learning to ignore it though. Also one she goes to nursery i seem to struggle as the houseworks done and shes gone. Boredom eating would've taken over in the past but not now.


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Hi and welcome :) Yes, I'm home based now too........ no kids left (apart from one about to start college) so no excuses for hanging about picking but I do!! I love working for myself though and would never go back to working for someone else:D:D:D Has it's upsides and its downsides like everything I guess!
I'm based at home too, but much as it took me long enough to make that happen..now I'm getting really sick of it! But yep, too near the fridge for my liking.

I used to love working for myself..now I think a job sounds more and more attractive.
I am based at home too. I was in a very stressful job and gained a lot of weight as a result (if I may blame the job). I have resigned that fulltime job now and are helping out in my husbands business. Occasionally I do a bit of freelance work. I would really like to work for myself though (Any ideas?). As for the boredom. Yep the food filled the gaps. So now I have to be really strict. Quite hard, but I cant help but wonder if it is better to cope with this diet being at home than being at work.
Yep, cantakenomore I agree, I think it must be really challenging to go 'out' to work when on this diet.

I'm always looking for ideas myself, I do freelance work too.

What kind of work do you do in your husband's business? Maybe you could build on that. What are your interests?
I do the business's accounts. I must say I need a complete change from that sort of thing. Will have to think really hard about pursuing my interests, because, tbh for the last number of years I hardly had any, but I would love to do something I enjoy as well. If there is such a thing.
Ah, and there I was going to suggest something like bookkeeping! I can completely identify with wanting to do something you enjoy...don't do much of that myself. Maybe some of the others will be more helpful with suggestions on that score!
Yeah, I work for myself and now I have just completed my first week I can see how bad I used to be - working on your own you sometimes need a bit of a get up and a walk about and where else is there to go but where the food is lol

I also tend to be up working on the dining room table until the early hours as well so food was always a distraction - 7am > 1am are long days as well for just three meal replacements :(
Lovely to see so many of us with the same situations and temptations! Makes me feel less of a flake when it comes to how often I hear the fridge calling!
Unfortunately I'm at home at the moment .... got made redundant nearly two weeks ago!! I would love to work for myself at home but haven't a clue how to get started or what options there are!! ANY IDEAS!! I'm applying for jobs as and when they come up .... but more to the point I thought I would be a total mess at home with the temptation of the fridge etc but to be honest I don't seem to have as much appetite at home than I did at work. Probably because I was surrounded in the office with people constantly eating and the mid-morning, lunch and mid-afternoon trolley coming around!!! lol xx

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