anyone else lose every other week only?


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is TOM week (although its not here yet!!!) but it looks like i will be staying the same this week. i am in week 5 but am certain i will lose next week. when i have done other diets the same thing happens and i tend to lose every other week.

its a bit disheartening but i stayed the same in week 3 then lost 3 lbs in week 4 so i felt ok. i am on my last stone so maybe that is why it is slow?

everyone else just seems to lose SO MUCH and every week. am i the only one who loses every other week??
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Hun do not compare yourself to anyone, our bodies are so different, you will get discouraged if you compare. Some have a lot to lose, so they lose faster, some been yo-yoing for years so the body will not give up easily, so many things! The human body is amazing machine. Just hung on there, nearly there.
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I agree that you can't compare with other people (although we all do!). The fact that you're nearly at goal will definitely have an impact because each lb you lose will be a higher % of your bodyweight than each lb that a heavier person loses.

E.g. if you start at 10st and lose 7lb you would have lost 5% of your total bodyweight. However if you start at 15st and lose 7lb you would only have lost 3.3% of your bodyweight. To lose the same % as the 10st person the 15st person would actually have to lose 10.5 lbs compared to the 10st person's 7lb if that makes sense...:D

Anyway chin up you're doing fab!


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iv found that, although i did hav a bad week last week and stayed the same, iv found that the weeks i didn't lose as much weight i lost inches.
this could be due to water retention so keep drinking!


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hallelujah! i thought i was the only one on here who actually had weeks where i sts. still going though (aren't i committed? LOL).

wish me luck for sat. do feel like i am wishing my life away sometimes, but the sooner i lose this last stone the sooner i can get on with eating healthily.