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Anyone else not hungry???

Hi all :D

Just wondered if it's me..... but for the past week or so, i just haven't been feeling hungry. I sometimes 'forget' to eat and recently I feel im just eating bars and drinking shakes, because i 'have to'. I was wondering if this is normal. Im 8 weeks into SS. My tummy rumbles when i havent had a shake for about 5 hours, so i just throw one in to keep it happy LOLOLOL

Wonder if this is the zone of no hunger i hear about on CD.

Now, off to fill up on water.

thanks for listening :)

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I'm a bit like that too now...having my shake because I know I should rather than because I'm hungry

If this is the zone then its great!

I agree.... I feel full of energy and want to 'do' EVERYTHING! bring on the Ketosis Zone!

I've signed up for mountain biking and hill walking with work, i want to join the badminton team and im itching to fit into a swimsuit so i can get a few lengths in. Oh and i plan on skipping inside the house as well as doing my exercise DVD.

Just not enough hours in the day for all of this....but im bursting with enthusiasm.

anni x
I'm feeling the same too and sometimes I end up having 2 shakes because i'm not hungry and don't bother myself to have the third one, but my councillor told me that it can slower your loss if you don't eat all 3 pack, so i end up forcing the 3rd one just because i have too.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Totally normal! :) Great isn't it!! BUT.. you must have your packs or the losses will stop (dreaded starvation mode.. don't want to go there)! ((hugs))

Well done everyone for being great losers! :)
:( oops, just reading your posts and realised that I have perhaps not been eating enough having sometimes only had 2 shakes (just not hungry). I am only in my 3rd week and doing SS+ but with quite a few SS days, it just seems easier than cooking a bit of chicken or fish. I already lost 3 stone through exercise but then put almost 1 stone back on when I stopped due to work committments. I decided to give CD a go because my sister in law lost 3 and half stone in 4 months. Can anyone give me some tips about what to have with my chicken and fish? I must admit I have exercised alot tonight so have had a small piece of fish but with a few tomatoes! I love toms but assume they are quite bad for you on CD? I lost 7lb the first week but only 2lbs the second, even though I am exercising too. Any encouragement and tips you can give me?!!