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Anyone else on Metabolism Miracle?


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Hi all, I'm a former SW and before that dabbled in Weight Watchers. I'm on day 8 of my low carb plan- Diane Kress' Metabolism Miracle and I can't believe how good I feel.
I lost 4lb in my first week, that's more than I've ever lost in a week before (aiming to lose 32lb in total eventually). I'm not putting a time on the diet tho as I feel low carb is a plan I can stick to for life. I am never hungry between meals and I am finding my meals to be really satisfying. Is anyone else on this particlar plan?
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I have not heard of this plan - can you outline it please and put in a couple of food diaries
I am at present doing cambridge and will do so till near target
I do plan to low carb for maintainance and am looking into various plans with interest :):)
Hi there,

I would be interested to learn about this diet too as I have near non existant metabolism and really struggle to lose weight.

I`m currently on Xenical but not getting far and am considering trying CD. I`m unable to see the Dr for a couple of weeks tho and need a signature before I can start, So was going to try low carbing it until then.

Good luck with your weight loss!



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hi girls. Sorry for the v late reply. I haven't been on for a while. There is a book on the diet but I follow the info published on it in the Daily Mail..... The metabolism miracle: The revolutionary diet that can help you stay slim forever | Mail Online

My fav meal is chicken breast salad with avacado mmm
I've made leek, bacon and broccoli soup wish is v nice and filling. I eat Asda's (frozen) cod in garlic and herb butter with green beans, cabbage or with roasted peppers, red onion and courgette mmm.
For the 5g of carb (which you can have every 5 hrs) i keep it simple and have a ryvita with cheese, low fat butter or sugar free peanut butter.
I liked how the foods are in categories of what you can have. Now that I've done the diet a bit longer I can tell you that the Ketosis part can take a while to kick in. Day 10/11 were killers for me- I felt soo soo tired and lacked any energy. But at least I knew it was working! I've lost 10lb in a little over a month and tbh thats good for me. I think my body just holds onto fat with a tight grip! Tummy looking v slim tho!


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10lb in a month is a really good loss - well done
will seriously be looking at this plan for the end of cambridge
as I am unsure if eating a carb laden plan as I have in a past life will do me any favours

so thanks for the link and hope you have a great weight loss journey

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